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FA cup final

Chatter from the sidelines

Premier League

Liverpool 2-1 Manchester City

Anfield turned out for Man City

Jordan Henderson scored a goal in the first 11 minutes

Dzeko replied with a goal in the 21 st minute. As Gary Neville said, it was a game of defensive frailties citing the reason why England has bombed out in Europe since 2012. I turned to my partner and shouted, "See, that's what I've been saying?" My partner goes, "Erm, no, you tend to rage, "Defense mofos, do you practice it!" I replied, "Isn't that the same thing?"

Kun Aguero was working. Had missed chances

I didn't watch the game, somehow found myself at a skeet shooting place at the same time. It's hard to listen to commentary while skeet shooting, but I managed

A tale of two brothers. Didn't Kolo (the younger) used to play for City?

Last night, I got nominated for a footballer quiz, you know, who's the sexiest footballer, best football memory, favourite player, and such like. I put down Kun for the first one. El mister went, "Him?" and I was like, "Yeah, I like what a beast he is on the field, and how he seems warm and engaging off it." He thought that Xabi Alonso would have garnered the honours, I was like, "Have you seen him since he's been at Bayern?" My partner said that success makes people even more attractive. What say you?

City has some really nice kit

Coutinho's goal. Praise reddit for gifs because I checked this out on the way to the car

More of the same. A little defence would be nice, but I'ma leave it here for now

Arsenal 2- 0 Everton

After the disappointment of Europe (and the hand wringing over if English teams can ever make it in Europe, discounting the fact that English teams have made it in Europe to the point where Platini ran on the platform for discounting the English teams in UEFA but - let me stop right here, football has the memory of a goldfish, it's probably just as well). That being said, it would be nice if the art of defence came back into the English game in some measure. We used to be a nation of getting embedded in after scoring a goal and then just dragging it out. Yeah, Spanish free flowing football is a spectacle, but people forget that the Spanish game is positional and disciplined and Rodgers et al seem to be mistranslating what it MEANS- OMG, let me stop, I'm going from discourse into bitching. Sorry for the digression, y'all. Where was I? Ah yes, Arsenal came back and found their form again

Everton in action, but still poor form. Fun fact: Roberto Martinez was a Swans player and all his coaching experience has been in England. Huh.

Arial challenges

Everton be doing that toil

Ospina got man of the man. We move on!

Captain One Final
Chelsea 2- 0 Spurs

Mourinho gets his first silverware in three years. The first since he's been back on English soil, and the relief and joy is plain to see

Credit to Drogba in that even though he didn't play much in the game, he went out, whipped the guys up in the end. He's more captain than John Terry is

Welp. You don't need history if you're winning. Success will give you history soon enough

I appreciated the pomp and glory

The expectant atmosphere above all. Half the team on the Spurs's sheet on that field were English, the same number again being academy grads. Respect to Pochettino, he's doing more than the rest of the Sky Six in this regard *side eye at City and Chelsea especially*. Long may it continue.

Someone asked me to name the ugliest footballer in Christendom, I said John Terry, I regret nothing

Cech was in goal, he wasn't pressured by Spurs much, to be fair. The first half was testy, until Chelsea drew the penalty. Sad times

Mourinho is turnt, y'all, turnt! My partner finds it strange that I'm not a fan of Chelsea, but I'm a fan of Mourinho, especially since (this is his argument) Mourinho is the embodiment of Chelsea and the modern football coach and £40 million players and blah blah blah. I do respect Mourinho in that he seems never to be busy (from what I've gathered) to pay it forward and give younger coaches a helping hand into the game, like Rodgers and Pochettino. My fave is problematic, y'all.

"Hey," said the one who shall not be named, "remember to put some pictures in from the match." Ugh. So in the interest of fairness, a few. Costa winds up Dier

Then Kyle Walker.

Azpilicueta got a head wound. Kane checks to see if he's all right

To be honest with you, Chelsea shut it down. Spurs were leggy (they had three days to Chelsea's seven), Pochettino had no answers (don't be like Biesla in this way, Poch, let me believe!) and his team are in transition (on the active squad of eighteen, six are on the outs, three have lost form) and the most of them are academy grads and young. If you told me in August after the 3-0 trashing they got from LFC that they'd have made the Wembley final with the team that Pochettin inherited, I'd have laughed in your face!

I can't find the picture, but Pochettino made his team come out at the match presentation, and when asked why, he said that in football, there's wins and losses, but above all there's respect.

La Liga
Real Madrid 1- 1 Villareal

This is how I know if Real Madrid didn't do well as they should (by their fans) on tumblr- there are more gifs than pictures

Exhibit A and B, these gifs. To show either referee bias or the fact that the team didn't perform to standard

Or they have pictures of the players before the match

Here's another one of them in the wild!

Pictures posted by the supporters of the yellow submarine

Villareal's font hurts my feelings

Sevilla 0-0 Atlético Madrid

A pictorial representation of how I felt watching the match

Antoine's hair gets blonder and blonder and seems to be in good condition, not trashy looking, or breaking. Conditioner rec?

NGL, I respect Sevilla's style of play, their relative discipline on the pitch, in that they don't get riled when Atlético tries to dictate the pace. They play their own game

One of the more physical matches.

I'll say this for Torres (as someone who's watched him over the years off and on) he can harry, and be a bloody pest for a defender. He's working harder than he has for a while

Valencia 2 - 0 Real Sociedad


OP: one day, I'll find a seriously cool source for Serie A photos of all teams - but today is not the day. Oh, I need to clarify something that I said in the post yesterday? The reason why the news part was short is the fact that I'm finding most rumours repeating themselves. So it makes no sense to put variations on the same rumours in the post day to day, savvy? So the stuff that interests me will be news items that seem novel. Pobga coming back to the PL is not novel (and bloody unlikely at this point, tbh). Anyway, this week will be busy for me. Please be advised, that I will still do the posts, but again, they might not have all the tags, and I mightn't be around to correct broken links, pictures and whatnot. If anyone can add a tag or two to the post, it will be a help. Thank you!
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  • Wednesday

    News Martin Odegaard asks to leave Real Madrid yoooo, remember him?…

  • Saturday, Sat- covid-19 virus

    I'm not even looking to posting fixtures, because EVERYTHING is postponed. Coronavirus: Premier League and EFL postponed until April…

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