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Mats Hummels in pictures!

Each week the Süddeutsche Zeitung does an interview with someone in a special way. It's in pictures. People are asked questions and have to show their answers via body language.
Last Friday it was Mats Hummels. Here is the link: (you can click through the pics)

It goes like this:
1. Your Mother tells us you are reading the sports section of the Süddeutsche Zeitung. Would you sign a subscription here and now? (on his hand you see: Nö = No)
2. There is nothing better than being a World Champion. Any wishes for early retirement, Kids or Golf?
3. "Schürrle. The ball is here. Do it! Do it! He does it. Mario Goetzeeeee! (they are quoting the German comm for the WC final). Do you still get goose bumps?
4. During the next three years - will one of the active players in Bundesliga come out?
5. Where does it hurt when you score an own goal in minute 89?
6. Two hands should be enough. Where will Dortmund end up this season?
7. Arjen Robben always passes his opponents on the left side. Did he manage to get past you, too?
8. How was it to have Rihanna flirt with you at the WC celebration party?
9. Good or bad idea - you will be an expert for Sky at the World Cup 2038, being 50 years old?
10. How loud is the "Gelbe Wand" (yellow wall) - (the Dortmund fans at Borussia Park)?
11. Do you have sleepless nights because of the relegation fight?

*snickers* Who turned Mats into Mats Hummus???
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