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derby day pics

Chatter from the sidelines


over view of some of the matches which were played yesterday

Premier League
Tottenham Hotspur 2- 1 Arsenal

Ospina had an issue. Was touch and go for a couple of minutes, but managed to stay on the field

Özil of Arsenal drew first blood in the first eight minutes of the match.

Normally, this is where Spurs would have folded. Three points lane, Chelsea and Arsenal supporters called it. But under Pochettino, the Lillywhites have found their fighting spirit. To dare is to do is their motto, and oh boy, have they lived up to that

Ramsey of Arsenal drew ire from online supporters yesterday in terms of his form

Um.... oops?

Yasss. Word on the street is, Lloris is happy and settled in London and has no wish to go back to Ligue 1. But if Spurs get into top 4, he and Eriksen will definitely hang around. I'm just tired of Real Madrid snatching up the best players from the PL tbh.

Is there a recipe?

Welbeck and Rose were jostling each other all through the match. Had a little skirmish

Harry Kane scored twice! I wish I'd been at that match, the atmosphere was rocking. Eriksen quiet, Lamela industrious but no edge. I'm glad that Pochettino is looking inward at academy grads and such, because Tottenham's imports are either hit (Eriksen, Lloris) or miss (Soldado, Lamela, Paulinho, etc).

Piers Morgan said that Harry Kane wouldn't have been on Arsenal's bench. All right Morgan. Okay. The Real Madrid supporters are all, 'Harry Kane is in a Liga of his own' *broad wink* Oh, my


Bentileb (sorry for the misspelling) did a really good job yesterday. Also, props to Pochettino for tapping up academy grads and having four English men on the team! Out of the Sky Six teams, Arsenal (well, not so much now, as they've let a lot of English talent go - I can't see Wiltshire staying past this summer, especially since the consensus is that he's plateaued), Spurs and LFC still champion English and academy talent. Respect to Pochettino

Aston Villa 1- 2 Chelsea

Um... I've never seen this Chelsea kit before. I don't know if I like, but it is striking

So it's a ... green?

Good news! After ten hours of open play, Villa finally scored! Bad news, they still lost and are facing relegation. Oh, dear

Okay, probably I'm a bit too sensitive to the racial politics of this thing, and they're just laughing but Willian - my first thought was WTF? Are you kidding me right now? You know what, if you like it, I... no, I can't like it, but I will move on!

Chelsea has a seven point lead. Okay

This lad got his run out. New signing, um Cuadrado?
Leicester City 0 -1 Crystal Palace

That's all you need to know right there. Pearson (Leicester's manager) had his hands around a Crystal Palace player's throat. Oh. Seriously, that's the only picture out there from the match. But Palace is playing well under Pardew - one loss five wins, they're fine

Manchester City 1- 1 Hull

I know that you can't dismiss City, but... seven points behind, they're getting jaded

You have ONE job, City. One job

Milner saved City's blushes with an unreal penalty kick. They say that he's still out the door come summer on a free. Him and Frank are out so City will have no English players on their roster. Oh my
Queens Park Rangers 0 -1 Southampton

The match was pretty turgid. I feel sorry for QPR, and the only thing I hope that comes from this is that Redknapp never gets a job managing a football team again. Southampton still in top three. Good on them

Southampton got a late goal in courtesy of Mané

Swansea City 1 -1 Sunderland

Swansea's Ki man has come back to their midfield. Get it? GET IT?! No, okay, I'll get my coat

Jerman Defoe got swapped for Jozy Altidore. Already Defoe has scored one goal. Your turn, Altidore

It was a weekend of former Spurs men swanning (hah! I kill me) in other kit and teams yesterday. Kyle Naughton formerly of Spurs and now back home to Swansea, and then Azza at Everton

One more image of Naughton, and then we go (swanning in other kits, lol, jp that was a good one. #badjokes

Everton 0- 0 Liverpool

LFC got smothered by Everton. You got the feeling that Martinez wasn't going for the win, but a draw

Another former Spurs man, Lennon was out and about this weekend

Jordan Ibe - LFC lad that was on loan to Derby, called back to LFC, got his start yesterday. Strong, quick, agile, and takes on things readily. I might want to love him and call him... Ibe?

One day, I'm going to wax poetic about Emre Can, and it will be a thing of beauty; a stream of emotion from my heart to yours. Not today though, I'm in a hurry.

SC Freiberg 0 - 3 Dortmund

A swallow does not a summer make, but the journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. Dortmund's fortunes forces one to think in the abstract

Sometimes, when you're down to the point of looking up, you get disgusted with yourself, your filth and say, enough

This really should be outlawed

Are they.... smiling?

I can't spell this lad's name, so... congrats, A!

VfB Stuttgart 0 - 2 FC Bayern München

Bayern Munich won, Guardiola has some perspective on losses and wins. The end

Um... Dante, Mueller, Neuer and the other one

Pictures without Götze. At last, a sister can live.

La Liga
Atletico Madrid 4- 0 Real Madrid

NGL, I enjoyed this match. It's great to see Real Madrid in someone else's pockets for a change

Ronaldo was shut down. No goals, no chances, no assists. Did he go off the field brushing at his club world cup badge? I must have missed that

A rare sighting, is Khedira in white

The stadium was rocking! I went to some Spanish websites last night, and seriously, it was all, "Real Madrid can't lose 0-4 to unknown teams" UNKNOWN?!

Isco tried. But Atlético Madrid is an operator, y'all, because they got Real Madrid's number. They've shut down channels, snuffed chances, and suffocated the maximalist game Real Madrid is known for. You should have seen me writing down notes for a fanfic I'm doing shut up

Varane tried

El Cholo's troll face

Torres got thrown on in the last ten minutes of the game, I want to say. He did a good pass to Mandzukic. Quick and incisive. You think Simeone might make them link up in the future? Granted, Greizmann is on FIYAH now, so I can't seem him risking it

The Real Madrid fans on my timeline threw up the trophies of their Decima, and preened, dismissing Atlético Madrid as a small club. Never mind that history and trends do start from little things like this, such as five wins against you. I don't want to go old school fan and grumble about how great clubs can crumble, can get lost in the wilderness of history- even great clubs like Real Madrid, but I won't, I shan't

I'll let Atlético Madrid enjoy the fact that the last time they beat Real Madrid 4-0 was over two decades ago. That someones the last laugh is the good laugh

That Atlético de Madrid, after decades in the shadow, can come out in the sun. Don't cry for me Arge- sorry, right country, wrong song

Right, gentlemen, I'll leave you to this. I have a hike to go on!

Serie A

Juventus and AC Milan battled it out yesterday. 3- 1. Juventus be on that roll

OP: sorry lads. I have to dash. I have a hike today, and Spanish to study. As usual, any broken links, news, push back against commentary, and the rest of it, put in the post. I'll make amends and corrections when I get back.
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  • Tuesday, Tuesday

    News Kylian Mbappe to Real Madrid is looking set 😯— GOAL News…

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