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José Mourinho hits out over coverage of Diego Costa’s three-match ban.

José Mourinho has broken his 10-day silence, refusing to hide his simmering resentment towards the media over Diego Costa’s three-match suspension.

The Chelsea manager, who risked a Premier League fine for avoiding media duties either side of last weekend’s draw with Manchester City, was unhappy with the portrayal of a challenge between Costa and Liverpool’s Emre Can, which resulted in the Chelsea striker’s ban.

Asked why he had not spoken to the media since advancing to the Capital One Cup final at Liverpool’s expense on 27 January, Mourinho said: “Because if you want, you can make a silence very noisy. Depends what you want to do.

“You could make noise with my silence, because you know the reason for my silence. It depends on you. If I was a journalist I could make from silence, lots of words.”

Mourinho in December spoke of a “clear campaign” against his side and was fined £25,000 for those comments.

Asked if the reason for his absence was because of Costa’s suspension, which continues at Aston Villa on Saturday, Mourinho, who chose not to discuss the incident, said: “Not just [Costa’s ban]. I don’t reflect. Maybe I’m punished to reflect.

“Maybe they [football’s authorities] can read my reflection and that I don’t want.”

Managers are required to speak before and after matches under Premier League broadcast regulations.

Mourinho added: “You know why I’m here so you cannot expect that I’m super happy to be here.” He responded “yes” when asked if he was in attendance because he was required to be.

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