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Daniel Agger- LFC's players are never far from his thoughts- or thumbs!


Players and spectators obtain a minute of silence to commemorate fomrer Dortmund`s head coach Udo Lattek prior tothe Bundesliga match between Borussia Dortmund and FC Augsburg

Right, I was going to start with LFC, but you know, what? My celebrations are blunted by Dortmund's result. Let's get this out of the way first. Dortmund is facing relegation. 20,000 leagues under the B, and all that

Mats Hummels with fans. The commentators are saying, "How long will Dortmund's supporters be patient with them?" I say, as long as it takes. Your team choses you, not the other way around. Sometimes, it's nothing but unending pleasure, at other times, it's unceasing pain, but you hang in there

I read that when Atlético Madrid got relegated, tickets and attendance went up and the supporters were rewarded a few years later when the team came back into La Liga

It's not a curse, just a long, long night of shadows before light. A test of faith before it's rewarded.

Of course the supporters are furious and heartsick. If we weren't it means that we don't care

Klopp is as gobsmacked as the rest of us Kloppo, you sure you don't want to get rid of Kagawa? When he came back your troubles started to worsen, juuuust saying

Tin Tin tried

Mats and Roman went and spoke with the fans, thank you for doing that, Captain.Echte Liebe

Sobering. There's loss of form and then there's this

You know when things are bad: you go to comfort a fan, but they're comforting you instead

Real Madrid

Tbh, Real Madrid winning their matches is pretty standard at this point.

Sorry about Bale's face in this. If anyone could pixelate it and me rehost the pic, it would be awesome

Ramos has a pulled hamstring. Will be out for at least two weeks

Aspas scored for Sevilla. Match ended with Madrid nicking 2 goals

FA Cup: second leg- Bolton 1- 2 Liverpool

Gerrard's long kiss goodbye continues. He played his 700th match in the club's colours

Raheem Sterling scored the club's 700th goal in the FA league

Coutinho was magic last night, showing why LFC handcuffed him to a new contract

I know the pages will be abuzz with Sterling and Coutinho, but Emre Can is such a talented, composed footballer. Idek why Bayern Munich let him go, tbh

Coppa Italia

Inter Milan still losing at everything, it seems. Napoli be snatching points and wigs

The denim kit is still a mess. Anyway, Rafa refuses to speak about his contract with Napoli. His fortunes at the club seem to be mixed, more good than bad (he's strengthened their academy, looked about the clubs protocols, etc)

Shaqiri doing the business, but Inter lost in the end

OP: the usual applies. Report any broken links, any news missed. Cheers. Off to work, and then try and cast on for a fourth beanie. This one is for me this time
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