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match pics

Why the January transfer window should be abolished

If you believe in pseudoscientific nonsense, you might think that Blue Monday - the third Monday in January – is the most depressing day of the year. If you are a football fan, you might want to push that date back a fortnight. Surely there is nothing more annoying than the January transfer deadline day, that gaudy, jaundiced 24-hour stretch of ticker-taped twaddle.

Beyond the sheer awfulness of it all, there are some genuine reasons to scrap the January window: it stretches the gap between the rich and poor clubs, it disassociates fans from footballers, it holds back the development of young players and it has little to do with the sport. summary: it makes football less competitive, young players lose out on their development, ruins integrity of European competitions, has little to do with football

Chatter from the sidelines

Social Media

Fletch (not Felch) has left the building, in the days of social media, it's marked by tweets

Fletch and Herrera

Fletch and de Gea

Good luck, Fletch, although fans at his new club aren't impressed, they consider him over the hill

Transfer photos

Aaron Lennon, after ten years with Spurs, decided to go to Everton on loan (Hull wanted him, he didn't want them)

He looks really happy to be at Everton, right?

To be fair, that's just Lennon's resting face. He says that he's happy, and the club has made him welcome. To be fair, I think Martinez will be glad for Lennon's pace, and on his day, he can be unplayable - it's just been longer between those days

Schurrle back in Germany. The move was almost scuppered because Chelsea and Wolfsburg were bickering about who had to play the development deal to Schurrle's starter club. It got worked out, thank goodness

Jogging through snow

Bundesliga : Bayern Munich 1- 1 Schalke 04

A Bayern Munich fan died over the break. People made banners and stuff

Robben stayed on his feet long enough to slot the opening goal home

Howedes shows off his new hurrdo, "What you say? It looks natural? Thanks!"

Neuer hasn't known what not winning feels like in so long, he's has to process his feelings

Bayern Munich got a man sent off, iirc. Was it Boateng?

Trying to find flatting pictures of players from both teams is a futile exercise, and I have errands to run

So here's a picture of trollateng

Alonso giving up on grooming, and that Mueller guy. Moving on!

FA Cup: Manchester United 3- 0 Cambridge

Fair play to Cambridge, they showed up and tried, but van Gaal wasn't having it.

Sent out a strong line up. Mata scored

James Wilson came out and added a third goal. Mercy

FA Cup: Fulham 1- 3 Sunderland

Fulham scored an own goal. That about says it all, tbh

The own goal in question

Gomez for Sunderland shoots and scores!

Coppa Italia Roma 0- 2 Fiorenta

Tch, for Roma

Gomez had two goals for Fiorenta

OP: sorry about truncated post, after the flurry of transfers yesterday, things are quiet today- thank goodness
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