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match round up (pic spam)

Pictures in no particular order
FA Cup- if you had 50p last night on the results, you could have come away with £5000.
Liverpool 0-0 Bolton Wanderers

Bolton were defensive and rough. But they got their replay

Coutinho is on that form

Lallana has been locked down

LFC had 22 shots at goal. The Bolton goalie blocked NINE direct shots. He was in fine fettle
Blackburn Rovers 3-1 Swansea

Just ouch. Swansea doesn't have a striker at the moment, and are reworking their team. But still, ouch

Swansea and Blackburn going for it

Tragedy, the stands were empty
Manchester City 0-2 Middlesborough

Half of the Chelsea players on loan play for Middlesborough. Special K and Mourinho are warm friends

Man City went to Abu Dhabi for a mini break. Pellegrini didn't think that it would affect their form as the team came back 21 hours before match time. Um.

That being said, Middlesborough is looking to get back into the PL. They've had a nice run of results recently

Looking like a manlier version of Gotze

Anyone who can identify these faces, that will be a help. This is Patrick Bramford. For other teams, this is shaping up to be a damned big post, and I ain't got the tahm to go look see

Good on yah, Middlesborough.
Spurs 1- 2 Leicester

Foxes' Ulloa is all in good cheer

Fair play to the Foxes. They are facing relegation, and had a point to prove, so they played out of their skins

Two goals in the last seven minutes! All right now, Foxes

To be fair, Spurs have width in their squad, not depth. In addition, they've played ten matches in January, to Leicester's 4? They seem pretty jaded last week. There's still the title to go for, as well as Europea and League Cup. So, all's not lost? Congrats to Poch for staying in all four competitions for so long. Good luck to the Foxes as well!
Chelsea 2- 4 Bradford

Oh noes! Chelsea won't have the chance to compete in a quadruple! Won't you pray for them?

Ramirez scored for Chelsea

Bradford squad celebrating.

FML. Unfortunately the games weren't televised, so most of the pictures aren't that good. Forgive?

Cech was working

Mourinho came back the Bradford dressing room and congratulated everyone. Class

Tweet. Mourinho is like, "Yeah you can drag my players all over Fleet Street, but praise Bradford. But yes, DRAG THEM ALLLLLL
Southampton 2- 3 Crystal Palace

Southampton aren't really into League Cup runs at all. They faltered at the League Cup, and are now out of FA

Under Pardew, Palace is looking like a new team. Defeated Spurs, and now Southampton! Buzzing!

That being said, not many people care about Palace, or Pardew so I'll leave it here
Birmingham 1 -2 West Brom

Although Birmingham has undergone a seachange, and has good raw talent in their ranks, no one expected them to win?

That being said, it's been a cup of shock and awe, so.
Cardiff City 1- 2 Reading

Cardiff City are back in blue, so yayy? That's about it, tbh
Preston 1 -1 Sheffield Utd

Replay! The blades have been out here cutting away though

Paul Gallagher of Preston scored the first goal. Then Sheffield clapped back

Michael Carrick smells incredible! You heard it first!

D'awww. Leave me be

La Liga

Let's start with Barcelona, and the 6-0 punishment they inflicted on Elche

Neymar had two assists from Messi, and Messi is his idol, and whatnot

The nice thing with most Neymar fans is that they accept the relationship between himself and Messi pretty readily

Without wanting to get in the middle of that sandwich?

“Their feet are like strings, and together they are creating the most beautiful music” - musings of a besotted fanfic writer? Nope, Ray Hudson

Barca is pretty much about these two at the moment. Sorry!

Real Madrid

Everybody was fung fu fighting

You have offended my tan, my eyebrows on fleek, my botoxed brow, so fight!

Ronaldo walks off, brushing his Clup World Cup winning badge. My eye roll was so epic, I went blind for a minute

When footballers attack! Cameras have captured the wild Ronaldo in his natural habit. Look how he strikes down the Cordoba player

People on tumblr are saying that Ronaldo was provoked. Oh. And that he is their idol because he was a bigger man and apologised. OH

What can Ancelotti say?

Now I wonder about his temper around women, and think that his girlfriend had her reasons for getting the hell out of dodge

Casillas and James are defending him. Must be nice

Video of the incident. You decide!

Real Madrid's new signing. So pretty! People speculate that Flo has some designs on businesses in Brazil, hence the buy. One of the reasons behind him buying James too, the World Cup form was just icing on the cake

Lucas Silva is like, really pretty
Real Sociedad vs Eibar

That match- really tight. Real Sociedad won 1-0

Happy for La Real, NGL
Atletico Madrid 3 - 1 Rayo

Greizman performed a hattrick- I guess he carried home the match ball

Greizman looking like a French cockerel

I wish people would stop putting him in the Real Sociedad's tags. He's moved on, so must we

This is what lack of sunblock does to your skin. Oh, I found out that Fernando Torres shares a name with a porn star also called Fernando Torres. You don't want to know how I knew. Damn it, google search on unlock.

Indi, Atléti's mascot was keeping an eye on things

Bundesliga: friendly

Tin Tin in the friendlies. I knew a few thirst

Footballer pin up weekly

Marco gets picked up and carried away

Effective immediately Hummels will be taken off our hot men list. It means that I won't be going out of my way to look for pictures of him anymore. He's fallen the hell off...a cliff, it looks like.

Exhibit A (and I don't mean my NARS blusher either

AfCon 2015

Guinea vs - I'll get back to that

It's been a great success, says the IC coach

OP: done! Any broken links, dodgy pictures, news that I've overlooked (a lot to tell the truth, I had to get up early to do the picture round up and pray for the integrity of the html code) please share. Can someone please tag this post, because I'm going to be away for the rest of the day (assignments, filing taxes and whatnot). Thanks
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  • Tuesday, Tuesday

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