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Martin Odegaard expected to announce his move to Real Madrid in coming days

Only sixteen, but Real Madrid's teenage sensation. Sixteen candles and Real Madrid's heart will glow/for they'll love him so

Real Madrid to give Martin Odegaard's dad a job to seal deal for wonderkid

As has been reported in Spain and on Eurosport.com for several weeks now, Norwegian wonderkid Martin Odegaard will join Real Madrid now that the two sides have finally agreed terms.

All that remains is for Los Galacticos to agree a fee with Strømsgodset, with Norwegian publication dt.no reporting that negotiations will begin on Monday evening or Tuesday morning.

Odegaard says YES to Real Madrid. pic.twitter.com/bGcnlZgWkE
— Managing Madrid (@managingmadrid) January 19, 2015

Something they and several other local sources are claiming, however, is that amidst the agreed personal terms is the proviso that Odegaard’s father, Hans Erik, will also join the club in a coaching capacity.

Ødegaard will train with the first team and play for Castilla. His father Hans Erik has been offered a job as youth team coach. #cmore
— Vegard Fl. Vaagbo (@VegardFV) January 19, 2015

The Odegaard family appear to have been favouring a summer move at first, but have finally decided to shift from Scandinavia to Spain as soon as possible. A villa is ready and waiting for father and son in the nation’s capital. good overview here

Links to the news on this wunderkinder and Real Madrid
this paper (Norwegian, sorry) has all the details. Guardian broke the news - scroll down Bleacher Report is surprisingly comprehensive!

Gossip about the move : It seems that Bayern Munich really wanted him (they referred to him as a 'bride' and how they wanted to be his groom and ick, hella creepy, guys), and offered him more money, but Real Madrid won out because his father got offered a job. The father supposedly has his coaching badges, so it's not an offer out of the blue. Arsenal was supposedly close in terms of offering playing time 'soon', but Odegaard went all Veruca Salt and wanted playing time now! So... he'll be playing for Real Madrid's Castille B (?) before coming into the first team. His team number is supposed to be 16. Since Odegaard is now 16 and Norway part of the European trading block (not a part of the EU, but the EEA? Hit me with a clue by four, somebody) he turning sixteen in December was a BFD, and why the Odegaards could pull the trigger so soon. You got the feeling that the Odegaards were impatiently waiting in the starting blocks! Real Madrid has the upper hand re: contract negotiations with Odegaard's current club, because Odegaard's arrangement with the club finishes in December. Real Madrid tend to be efficient when it comes to these things. Ajax wasn't a part of the consideration, at the end of the day it came down to four clubs: Real Madrid, Arsenal, Bayern and Liverpool. That's all I have re: this kid.

Chatter from the sidelines


Carlo Ancelotti in Italy's Sports Hall of Fame

Ancelotti and his wife- I'm assuming

LOL had to post this because Lourdes seems to be the turnip in the fruit salad of the Gerrard brood. The other girls seem to be lovely, placid and smiling like their mum, but Lourdes seems to have been born under a thundercloud half the time

Poldi and Llorente attending fashion show in Milan. Why not? ETA: it's Armani

Martinez and Alonso and co out and about. It seems that Thomas Muller is supposedly the best teacher of German to Alonso? People are all, "He'll teach you Bavarian!" Is the Bavarian dialect truly that dissimilar? (Would be it like say, Scouse vs the home counties accent, for instance?) I also hear the jeers about Alonso speaking with a Bavarian accent - but it can't be worse than Scouse can't it? With Bavaria being rich and all?

Tributes for Malanda still pouring in

Hummels doesn't need no stinkin' CL play to be happy

Match Photos
Everton 0 -0 West Brom

There was a kerfuffle with the Toffees? I didn't watch the game, someone explain

Mirallas and Baines argued over who should take the penalty kick? Came to naught, because the match ended in a draw. Not a loss though, so there is that?

The face of a lad who knows that he messed up

Ghana 1- 2 Senegal

Sorry, I'm trying to source Afcon pictures, but good photos are as scarce as hen's teeth

Sow came on as a sub for Senegal and slotted the slot home

Algeria came from behind South Africa for a win 3-1!

A big kiss to you, too!

Posse be rolling deep, like

Celebrate good times, come on! Fouzi Ghoulam man of the match!

Video: There will be haters- Adidas ad

Gareth Bale is in there, for your own self care

OP: as usual, any corrections, broken links, etc, please tell me. Will do the Liverpool vs Chelsea tomorrow, and Tottenham vs Sheffield? Thursday. XOXO.
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  • Saturday!

  • Free for all Friday

    Results ⏰ RESULTS ⏰ Goals, comebacks, drama. Matchday 3 had it all…

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    News ⏰ RESULTS ⏰ So. Much. Drama. Enjoy that? 😅 😮 Big wins for…