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Andrea Pirlo vows to save troubled first club Brescia from bankruptcy

Pirlo the magnificent
Adrea Pirlo is to step in to save his first club Brescia from falling into further financial strife.
The Juventus and Italy playmaker began his career with the Lombardy club, departing for Inter after his first full season at the Stadio Mario Rigamonti.
Subsequent spells at Milan and Juve have earned Pirlo five Serie A titles and two Champions League medals.
However, with Brescia perilously close to bankruptcy, the 35-year-old has vowed to intervene in an attempt to rescue his home-town side from oblivion. ahhh

Chatter from the sidelines


Social Media

Ramos got a new tattoo?

Suso is leaving LFC. After hearing things re: his attitude to training here and on when he was on loan, it's just as well

Ozil and co crow over their win

Big f**king German!

Sanchez on instagram. His English is coming on! Does he have a tag?

Sanchez on Instagram. He may be a love cheat, but he's hella charming

Out and About!

I forget. Do people in this comm thirst for Neymar, or nah? Future pictures in question. If no, I won't spam, if yes, I'll keep it in mind for future posts

Neymar and Alves with their £250 beats headphones. I just... what? NGL, I had to break down and buy some bluetooth headphones the other day, because the wired ones don't work for me and I just... what? When did headphones get to be keystone priced?

Sorry, I natter on too much. Have some um... I forget his name. It's early, leave me alone. ETA Marc Bartra! Thanks for the name, the4thjuliek.

Manchester City 0- 2 Arsenal

Match winners!

Didn't watch the match, I heard that Man City had no defence like Moysie had no fans

Giroud scored the second goal. Santi got the first on a penalty

Nice to see Kun back on the job again

Giroud can't help that he's goat's cheese

Silva and the Ox in action


City's hands on the title are loosening a bit more. Come on, Man City! Anyone but Chelsea

West Ham 3- 0 Hull

I expected a West Ham win, no surprises there

Why did I think Carl Jenkinson was an Arsenal man? Oh well, goes to show what I know

Downing scored. West Ham have a decent playing style this year. If I could follow one more team (but I can't) it would be them

Ayup big Sam

La Liga
Atlético Madrid 2-0 Granada

Yesterday, I was invited out for a hike. Sure, I said, as long as we came back for 4:00pm. Got lost, got rained on, left a hiking boot in mud in a farmer's field, didn't get home until this match was in the last quarter. So I can't say anything about match play, okay?

You could have knocked me over with a feather when I saw Torres in the starting XI though. Is this like, a thing now?

Moves by kraftwerk. Onntz Onntz Onnttz

Atletico de Madrid team photo, because 11 friends in the same shirt, etc. etc.

How did himself and Mandz (no 9) do? Torres seems to be more of a poacher than a striker now (based on his last three games) which isn't an insult, just an observation because poachers win games too

When I tuned in, I saw this exchange. Which is why I was like, "He got started over Greizman? Oh. But to be fair, Atlético now have campaigns on three fronts, no? CL, La Liga and the Copa del Rey?

Mandzukic scored his 16th goal of the season. Huh, sounds about right.

Suarez and Garcia needing a room. Goals do that to players.

LOL, the Atlético Madrid team were asked about Torres, it's as if the press are fretful parents with this one. "Is he settling in well with you lot? He's not throwing a wobbly, is he?" He's fine, as this picture shows. Sorry about the Torres spam, mates, but like I said yesterday, considering last year I had to be recycling photos because my sources didn't give a monkey's unless it was Cholo on the sidelines, I call this a victory. Moving on

Group photo! I really dig the long sleeve jersey, and I think this design is the best one in years (I do like the blue collar). If it weren't for the stereotype that exists around football in England, I'd rock a football jersey. This one is pretty handsome

Deportivo 0- 4 Barcelona

Barcelona back to winning ways again, in a fetching melon colour

Messi scored all three goals. His 30th hat trick. He's one away from breaking the record.

Neymar and Messi true romance. I found out that Messi is 27. I... didn't know this. I really thought he was older, because he's been a part of football folklore for so long

Getafe 0 -3 Real Madrid

Yesterday, people on my tumblr feeds finally took out their €91 Real Madrid jerseys and put them on because their team *finally* notched a win. *side eye* Really?

All this time, I thought BBC stood for the British Broadcasting Channel, aka, the entity to which I pay about £150 in TV licence money every year. Nope, it's Benzema, Bale and Cristiano. I said, "But wouldn't the initials be BBR if you're going to be pedantic about it?" I sense the withering glares through my screen

Here's a picture of Isco. One of the few non Bale photos in this clutch of photos I have. Yes, I'm one of the few British people who isn't gung ho about having Bale in my clutch of footballer pictures. Yes, I am a special snowflake /s

It's really hard finding RM pictures sans Bale. I'd even take Kroos, and he looks like an albino lab rat to me.

Ah, here's one of James. I'm surprised that he didn't wear gloves, tbh. Once you have tights on your legs, you must be chilled

Eh, Benzema. I'll take him

I see you playing your way to a starting XI, Varane

Ligue A
Paris St Germaine vs Evian

PSG won. The day ends in a y?

Is that van der Weil with his tattoos? GDI, when did he get more?

Cavani and his gun salute. It's appalling, really

Luis scored. You wouldn't know that, him imitating a Byornic poet with wringing hands and all. Probably because he knows that he didn't deserve that FIFA award? (Sorry rielle)

Seems to be a nice lad though, so I won't take anymore pot shots. Damn it.

Serie A
Juventus 4-0 Verona

I only follow Juventus because of Pirlo and Pogba, tbh. I don't follow the league in general, but I do keep an eye on Napoli too because of Rafa Benitez

Pogba has said that he wants to come back to the PL but nah, I don't think so. With Juventus, he's assured of CL football, and those things

On top of Serie A, everyone! Let's get turnt up
Lazio 0- 1 Napoli

Higuain scored the only goal in this match for Napoli. WTF at the denim styled jersey though

Are we digging this iteration of the Canadian tuxedo or nah?

I'm into it if you are?

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