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Chatter from the sidelines


Aston Villa 0-2 Liverpool. Borini scored a goal. A bit of a glory hog, NGL and I have issues that are too long for this post, but a win is a win

Moreno really wants to be another Bale. You know what boo, that's okay. But I wish you'd position more. Can, I am in raptures over Can. Coutinho was doing the business, and Migs had his best game for a while. He's getting his swagger back

Seriously, Migs was bossing his line, giving people what for

Yellow cards for all of you, celebrating with fans! It was a good match, in that LFC looked as if they were playing as a team and that the players liked each other. Moving on!
Tottenham Spurs 2- Sunderland 1

To be a Spurs fan means that you have to invest in a defibrillator. No such thing as an easy three points. Nope, you agonise over the 90 mins, and then Erikson saves you with a win

Lloris is class, made important saves at the end of the match

Vertonghen scored twice- but the last goal was disallowed for being offside

They called this offside

The face of an aggrieved man
Swansea 0 -5 Chelsea

Oscar drew first blood in the first 80 seconds of the game

Diego Costa, henceforth known as Fred Flintstone, got in on the action

A proper mauling, even Schlurre got a look in

I really like Chelsea's kit this season!
Newcastle 1- Southampton 2

Ejero Elia is a new addition to the Saints. Off field his antics are similar to Balotelli's on field, his form is sublime. Notched two goals in

Elia and Koeman- Elia made his maiden debut in the PL yesterday and ohhh, what a debut. Clinical finishing, killer instinct. Crisp moves. I'm impressed

Impressed enough not to through shade at that ratty perm he's rocking on top of his head

Southampton is higher placed than the players who left them (Lovern, Lallana, Lambert) and the manager (Pochettino). They also make their own kit

This is their third kit. Their home kit - red and white stripes, second kit a deep blue with yellow highlights and this their third. All their kits are pretty handsome

Top four, champions league, here they come!
QPR 0 -2 Manchester United

Before I launch into the match, get a load of this

I didn't watch the match, but my timeline was livid.

They won, but people weren't convinced?

Heard that Falcao missed? He can do at times, but he tends to give ace assists

Falcao and Valdes. I wonder if Rooney is learning Spanish

Looking like one of those prompt pictures on tumblr. "Write 1000 words or more on this picture then submit link to X!"
Leciester City 0- 1 Stoke

Stoke won - Bojan scored the only goal in the match

The game seemed to be relatively even, I hear

Bojan has scored 4 goals for Stoke this season. Yeah yeah, but the real question is--- has he found a violin teacher as yet?

Burnley FC 2- 3 Crystal Palace

I follow Burnley, because they are a small Northern team, with solid English players and I appreciate their manager, Dyche

Ings has scored seven goal for Burnley FC this season. All right, now

Dwight Gale on it for Crystal Palace!

Other Leagues

The Bundesliga season doesn't start until the end of January. So the teams are having friendlies to get themselves back into the swing of things. Tin Tin's first sighting on the field was yesterday

Dortmund's yellow and black have grown on me, probably because I'm a Hufflepuff in nature, tbh

I don't know how the game went, forgive? I was trying to follow LFC and Spurs at the same time

Rues got stuck in, as they say

Someone on this comm is into Drum, so here

Bayern Munich was supposedly out and about yesterday. Pictures are at a premium. I laugh and side eye

The ones I find are all Gotze, and uhhh no

Atletico Madrid: Training Day

One of the upsides of Torres going back to Atletico Madrid, is the fact that you can get more pictures of the players on a whole now.

Mandz and Torres might play together tonight, pass it on!

Ah yes, where was I? The good thing about Torres coming back is that you're getting more pictures of everyone? Remember last year how I struggled to get pictures of Atletico Madrid, to the point of having to recycle the old ones?

Not anymore! Because Torres is a person of interest

I can wallpaper my room with them now- if I believed in wallpaper

OP: Thank you for reading! Although it's light on news and heavy on pictures. The usual applies- any broken links, corrections, interesting articles etc please leave at the end of the post and I will amend in due course! I'm going on a hike now, and I can't tarry. Oh, Spanish speakers, please explain the term remontada to me? I think I'm missing something. Sorry for the lack of tags. Can't see them from my laptop! Will do later! Or if someone can tag them for me, I'd be grateful!
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  • Free for all Friday

    News Villa announce Philippe Coutinho signing Barcelona lost £130 million on Philippe…

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    News The Chelsea fans are all singing: "Where the f*** is Harry Kane?"— Alasdair Gold (@AlasdairGold) August…