R.A. (the4thjuliek) wrote in ontd_football,

David Squires on … the paranoid world of José Mourinho.

It's been a terrible couple of days and we need something to make us laugh. David Squires, the Guardian's resident cartoonist, came up with a small cartoon at the expense of The Special One and the Blues Boys.

In other Chelsea-related news:

The Blues eye a free move for Manchester City defender Micah Richards (currently on loan at Fiorentina) in summer.

Mark Schwarzer, the No.3 GK, has moved on a free transfer to Leicester.

The club is working with Herzog & de Meuron, the Swiss architectural firm who designed the Beijing Bird's Nest and the Allianz Arena in Munich, to revamp Stamford Bridge (because no one is allowing them to build a new stadium in their interested sites).

I'll try to do a roundup of all the transfer rumors as well.
Tags: article, club: chelsea, jose mourinho, lol

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