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Simeone and Torres: Reunited -and it might be good?

This is a move that Simeone has driven. He wanted Torres in the summer but Atletico were unable to make the deal happen. Now they have been able to do so, and this signing comes with a promise attached that shows how important it was for the manager.
According to Javier Matallanas, a journalist at AS and a man who is extremely well-connected at Atletico Madrid and with Torres' camp, when the club agreed to try to sign the player, Simeone promised that he would stay next season too, having previously considered walking away at the end of this campaign. Matallanas says that promise was made to the club and to Torres himself. This is Simeone's decision. Not all the signings are, but this was. The prospect of bringing back Torres -- a former teammate and a friend -- was an especially seductive one for him.sorry, had to post this, between Gerrard and Torres, I'm emotionally shattered this week

Chatter from the sidelines

Social Media

Poldi says goodbye
By dint of an own goal, Real Sociedad beat Barcelona. To be fair, Real Sociedad tend to find their form for the bigger teams (Real Madrid 4-2, Atletico Madrid 1-0 and now this) but are kittens with the rest of the league

David Moyes has it in hand, y'all

They hate us because they anus- or something

Thanks for coming, Leo! This is a feather in Moyes' cap

Bury me at sea!


Isco shaved, and got a tattoo, Real Madrid lost. A coincidence?

In other news, Fernando Torres returned to Atletico Madrid for his home coming

He left the club a boy, coming into the fullness of his powers, and he's come back a man, with children (Nora and Leo) and a wife (Olalla), and his prowess dented

The Atlético kit is a handsome one this year. It looks streamlined, and the colour combo works. It's not garish as much as striking

Manuel Briñas, the founder of Atlético's cantera or youth academy was there to greet him

In the video (which is linked way below, at the end of the post), Torres tells his children that they have to take their fingers out of their mouths. They'll run on to the pitch, happy, and then when their turn is done, they have to run like bullets to their mum

Fernando Torres attended the Atletico match the day before. He expected his presentation the day after to be low key, because towards the end of his stint in the PL and his truncated stint in Serie A. He hasn't impressed, he's coming up under a cloud. Surely a few would come out of curiosity, but nothing more, was the feeling. Hah! Only for 45,000 people to show up!

Torres at the presser before he goes to change into the Atlético kit

Torres' fans. His number had been 9 for a number of years as these jerseys can attest. He now wears no. 19

Torres and dd, with kit

Torres' family at the press conference

I love this picture. That's it, really

The first club crest Torres has kissed: the first club he played for, and now it's come full circle. A lot of fans had a lot of mixed feelings towards him yesterday on my various timelines. But most of him do wish him the best. Simeone has said that there's depth in the Atlético squad, and Torres will have to fight for his starting place. So, there's that. We might see him play or might not. Good luck to you, Torres!

Real Madrid's match summed up in one expression

Ronaldo got a penalty. The sky is blue, the sun rises in the east, etc.

Bale missed a sitter

James held up a red card to the referee, everyone was charmed, standing ovation, panties disappeared. The end

Messi on his way to San Sebastian

Real Sociedad all over Messi like a rash

Real Sociedad are a strange team. They are giant killing matches for Real Madrid, Atlético and Barcelona. Everyone else? Meh

They suffocated and defended. They look fitter this time too.

Messi shakes the hand and walks on. LOL, look at his face


Damn, Watford, it was like that, huh?

Yesterday, Chelsea played an FA cup match against Watford. Mourinho changed his team, and told them that if they couldn't beat Watford, they had no business playing in the premier league. That was a gauntlet and a warning

Zouma scored. He's under there. Somewhere

Peter Cech got a run out

Arsenal played Hull, in a repeat of the last season's match up final. But first, Alexis with dogs

It wasn't that great a game. But Sanchez as always worked hard, sought and exploited weaknesses

The score ended 2-0

Manchester United came away with a win. Ander Herra scored the only goal, and got a yellow card for his troubles

Manchester United still not there yet

Manchester City live another day. Milner scored, on his birthday

Nasri and Silva get ready to go on the pitch. The citizens won.


¡Bienvenido a Casa, Fernando!
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  • Thursday

    News ⏰ RESULTS ⏰ Inter, Manchester City, Paris, Real Madrid &…

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