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happy new year!!!

Chatter from the sidelines

Out and About

Aaron Ramsey and his da

Looking dapper like...

Oh, Tin Tin, nooo!!!!


Happy New Year
Doing retrospective pictures. You are encouraged to put your own in the post as well

Neymar kisses the ball at the Brazil World Cup

Persie and his iconic pose in the World Cup

Portugal vs Germany. Pepe vs Mueller

Wenger talking strategy to the Gunners at the FA cup.

Wenger's first cup in six years. I remember reading an article about South American coaches and their experiences in Europe and the first thing Simeone says is that Wenger could never have had his position that long without winning a title. People would bitch about it every day. So Mou's revelation that Wenger is a specialist in failure? Not as trolly as one thinks, it seems

This year, say no pitch invaders. All. Of. Them

Germany won the World Cup. Never have I been so... whelmed

Making an exception for tunnel see you next tuesday in my picture round up, because he has Reus' shirt and I found the gesture touching

Don't cry, James, soon, you'll get bought by Real Madrid, and your wife will become a new woman- literally

Last tears of grief he shed this year, I'm sure.

Shout out to the David Luiz fan on this comm! You're awesome!

Iconic. Messi

The ball had its own twitter. Sassy

Torres has been around the world and he can't find his mojo. Now he's circled back home, to where it all began

Les Fennecs, right? Algeria? They were good.

I expected France to go further, NGL

I"m drawing a blank on this team. Give me the 411, guys

Belgium- all this talent! I too expected them to go further. I knew a European side would win the World Cup, I was praying that it wouldn't have been Germany. Ugh.

LOOL, crying forever at Jurgen Klinsmann.

My coach of the year. Diego Simeone. Unlike their neighbours across the way, Atlético doesn't have a ton of financial resources, and he has to manage with players on loan, or buying cheaper, but it doesn't stop his team from shining through. I hope that he'd get the nod by FIFA, but I think it will go to Loew or Ancelotti.

Video of the year in review

OP: sorry, my internet is acting up. Again. I can't post the pictures I really really want. Boo. Post the photos that made your football year here.
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