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Last PL game of 2014: Liverpool vs Swansea

Torres Think Pieces

Top of the flops: Simeone, miracle worker?

Torres in atletico madrid strip. He was captain for the team for two seasons
COMMENT: If the Argentine coach succeeds where Jose Mourinho and Carlo Ancelotti failed and gets the best out of the AC Milan flop, it will be his biggest achievement yet.

By Carlo Garganese

At the Ballon d’Or ceremony in Zurich in a fortnight’s time, Diego Simeone will battle it out with Real Madrid’s Carlo Ancelotti and Germany’s Joachim Low for the title of FIFA World Coach of the Year for 2014.

Simeone would be a more than deserving winner. He has achieved miracles at the Vicente Calderon since taking over in December 2011, bagging five trophies on a limited budget and masterminding one of football’s greatest ever achievements in beating Barcelona and Real Madrid to La Liga last season.

But his toughest challenge yet now awaits him as he attempts to succeed where Ancelotti, Andre Villas-Boas, Roberto Di Matteo, Rafael Benitez, Jose Mourinho and Pippo Inzaghi all failed by rediscovering the old Fernando Torres. read more

Why Fernando Torres’ return to Atlético Madrid can revitalise the Kid

The Kid returns to the Calderón a man. Fernando Torres has rejoined Atlético Madrid more than 17 years after he played his first game for them, a tall, skinny 13-year-old with freckles who had recently joined the club’s youth system. After Chelsea formalised his switch to Milan, the Serie A side confirmed he will join Atlético on loan until 2016, when his contract at Stamford Bridge was due to expire. Alessio Cerci heads in the other direction, from Madrid to Milan. This is that rare deal when everyone is happy.

It is seven and a half years since Torres left for Liverpool. His mind was made up after a soulless 6-0 defeat that confirmed a trend in which Atlético headed from crisis to crisis, never winning anything and never looking like winning anything either. The surprise, the club’s sporting director admitted, was not Torres had departed but that he had stayed so long. He was still young but he had completed his seventh season in the first team. He had scored 91 goals but also outgrown them. “I had to leave because my development was going in one direction and the club was going in another,” Torres said.an interesting and sympathetic article

Chatter from the sidelines


Ronaldo won World Soccer Player of the year

Real Madrid in Dubai - I'm assuming to collect their World Soccer Awards?

Ronaldo won best footballer of the year by an overwhelming margin

Real Madrid cleaned up at the World Soccer awards, best revelation player (James), player of the year (Ronaldo), coach of the year (Ancelotti), club of the year (Real Madrid)

Reus is in Miami. Resting that ankle.

Is that... a frizbee?

Since 2005, a wave of Spaniards descended upon the shores of the EPL. These are the clubs that have had the most on their books (so far)

Spaniards who have scored for LFC

For the first time in a long ass while, Liverpool played well.

Moreno played a changed position (less tracking back and more charging forward) which helped! He got a goal

It helps that both Manquillo and Moreno now understand English well enough to understand their orders by their teammates. It was nice seeing Can on the ball

This was my joy personified. Goooo Moreno!

For the first time, it felt like an espirit de corps on the field. 11 friends wearing the same shirt. That was nice

Skrtel and his headers when he's on, he's oooon

Adam Lallana, Southampton grad. One day, I'm going to do a post of all the footballers from Southampton that you never knew wore the Saints uniform

Yayy, now can I get a freaking break? Sterling wonders

Rahmeem is so tired, he wants to slap somebody- so that he can get a match ban, because you know Rodgers isn't going to give him a rest. So call this him being proactive. Yeah, yeah

This happened near the end of the match. Rodgers, sensing trouble called Sterling off and sent on Balotelli.

Sakko, Skrtel and Can (I have spelled 2/3 of these names wrong, loool) giving a thumbs up after the game. Can was good on the ball so of course Moyes wants him in Spain with La Real. NGL Donostia is beautiful and rainy but- no.

Yeah, apart from the slapping, this happened to the shorts Routledge after being grabbed by Skrtel. He had to change on the pitch. I'm soooo glad that he was wearing underwear? Can you imagine? My stream swung away from the action. I wuz robbed, y'all

Coutinho was my MOTM. Was working that midfield, had that touch, all over the field like a carpet bomb- can't finish for toffee, but you know, that's not his job. We played a faster game sans Gerrard, and a more fluid game at turns too. Awesome.

Own goal by Swansea's Jonjo Shelvy. Twice he's done this in the service of LFC, a club that he formerly played for

Swansea showed up in the second half. But they had Jonjo. Mercy.

Wilfried Bony's good for Swansea when he's on form, but he wasn't last night (feeling poorly, couldn't continue the match), and I can't find any pictures of him on the field, so I'm putting him here! Cheer for him at the African cup of Nations in 2015! TIL: Benitez considered him for an LFC player whilst he was on trial at the club but decided against him in the end.

match report here for those who missed it
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    News Raphael Varane subs off with an apparent injury before HT in the Nations League final…

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