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Arsène Wenger may well spend heavily for Arsenal in transfer market

Wenger said that Stadium held him back. Now he's ready to throw down!
Arsène Wenger insists he is no Scrooge and will be happy to splash the cash in January to improve Arsenal’s chances of enjoying a jolly end to the season.

“There is a huge difference between the perception that people have of me and [the reality]: I’m not scared to spend money,” said Wenger. “If you go out with me one night, you will understand that.” What? You can ball right? Call me, Wenger, I can be your black Kate Moss tonight. *Drapes dramatically over the contract table* Treat me like... one of your transfer targets.

Chatter from the sidelines

Really, it's been an eventful weekend match wise. Let's get down to it, shall we
Real Madrid and Club World Cup

Real Madrid won the Club World Cup for the first time. I'm thrilled- not for them, but me- because I understand that statement in Spanish

World Club World Cup. Marcelo is looking at it like... (insert comparison here) NGL, I think Club World Cup is a bit superfluous, but that's FIFA for you!

2014 has been a good year for James. World Cup splash, club of dreams, grip of awards, his wife's new face...!

Did I hear right? Ramos scored two goals? It was in between me realising that my knit stitches were twisted, and had to rip back three inches of cuff.

Özil sends shout outs. If you believe the rumours, he was vexed at his dad forcing the transfer from Real Madrid to Arsenal, and it's believed to be one of the reasons why he dropped his dad as a manager. Chew on that- while I try to remember how to do the magic loop. It's been a while

Casillas: first player to be on Euro, World Cup, World Club World Cup, Champions League, La Liga winning teams. Some people just have it too good in this world

James and Ronaldo's eyebrows on FLEEK. You think they get them threaded at the same person, like?

Isco was working that night. Three men on him (did I hear that correctly?) and he was slipping through them like water?

Right, these pictures are after the match. I'm trying to find pictures of the match. But to be honest, it was terrible. San Lorenzo didn't show up. They really should have stayed home.

Casillas won a fair play trophy. I thought the San Lorenzo goalie deserved some recognition. If it hadn't been for him, Real Madrid would have been six up. Defence, what defence?

Cross, what cross. Ojala!

Toni Kross has been Club World Cup Champion twice with different clubs. World Cup champion. Yeah, some us have it damned good. Yes, hard work reaps dividends, etc, but that's a dollop of luck too

Ramos and Ronaldo got awards. I think Ronaldo got player of the tournament, and Ramos got the award for goals scored. Correct me if I'm wrong, yeah? I was only half listening. I told you about my twisted stitches, right?

Ramos heading them in this year. Some American parents want to ban heading from soccer. Oh
Premier League action

Lamela, what you do to me? Dat goal last night tho

You know what's nice about Tottenham's resurgent form? Is that people don't bang on about Bale so much anymore. He's gone, he's in La Liga, and under Pochettino, the Spurs are moving on

Lamela's goal underscores this point emphatically

Oh when the Saints go marching in! They do it with a 3 nil win! Oh Lord I want to be in that number! Oh when the Saints go marching in!

Pelle showing why Conte be calling him up for the Azzuri. I see your halo- and goals!

Mata and Falcao celebrating Falcao's goal. They drew and came away with a point. But whatever

OMG, Falcao scored!

I love the Manchester United kits. This white one and the home kit. The blue and red one can DIAF

Sending good vibes to your knee. Falcao wants to get settled at a club. LvG wants to see if he's fit. jazzypom wants LFC to win a match with confidence and some style. Tune in to see who gets what they want, yeah?

David de Gea made his 150th appearance for Manchester United this weekend. Let's hear it for the boy!

My little alleged match fixer, Herrera was out with a bit of a niggle. Never mind

From the sublime to the ridiculous. Bundesliga. Borussia Dortmund

Fanfic writers at your stations

I make jokes because if I don't...

Hummels will be me, and I him. We will be caught in a vortex of tears and frustration

What is there to say?

It's like... you're so far down, that down feels like up

One of those situations where nothing is clicking, switched on

Where you feel bad, but know that the captain's band is more than a weight than honour at this time

Because sometimes, love isn't strong enough.

La Liga

Last night, I was watching Real Sociedad vs Levante. Only for my feed to CUT INTO THE MIDDLE OF THE MATCH AND TAKE ME TO CLUB WORLD CUP. As if I wanted to go!

Real Sociedad gave away the lead, came away with a draw. Woke up to that on twitter this morning, because some feed decided to take me away from my match!

Suarez scored his first goal in La Liga. It's a BFD. In contrast, Mario Balotelli has yet to score one in the PL.

Barcelona won. I had to edit the post because I couldn't bear to leave it on such a sad note. Now, the post is done
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