R.A. (the4thjuliek) wrote in ontd_football,

Manuel Neuer is being a madman again.

Only Manuel Neuer thinks he belongs 35 yards from goal. And 40 yards. And 50 yards.

He's right. He does belong out there. Because he is insane and that is where the insane people hang out.

The description of the above video from the BuLi Youtube channel:

Just another normal day at the office for Manuel Neuer. When you like playing football as much as this guy and when, as the Bayern keeper, you see very little of the ball, you’re inevitably going to try and get involved. That’s just what the World Champion does week after week, and sometimes it’s as far out as the halfway line, just like in FCB’s 4-0 win against Augsburg. Typical Neuer.

SOURCE, BuLi YT channel.

I have no words.
Tags: "that guy", lol, manuel neuer, we need more tags

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