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Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo breaks La Liga hat trick record

Ronaldo against Celta Vigo though. It's only Celta Vigo!

Cristiano Ronaldo scored all of Real Madrid's goals in a 3-0 win against Celta Vigo on Saturday, breaking La Liga's long-standing hat trick record with his 23rd for Real Madrid.

His third goal was also his 200th of his La Liga career -- a feat he achieved in just 178 games, faster than any other player.

Ronaldo opened the scoring after being pulled back in the penalty area in the first half and putting away the resulting penalty.

In the second half, he waited for a high bounce to drop to his foot before powering a volley into the back of the net for his second goal.I guess? We won't mention his dive for the penalty then?

Whither Illarramendi

Illarra who?
There have been many references to the "family" atmosphere within Real Madrid recently, an atmosphere that has helped manager Carlo Ancelotti etch his name further into the club's record books thanks to a record-breaking 17 straight victories. Cristiano Ronaldo has referenced it, Toni Kroos has referenced it and Ancelotti has referenced it. The Madrid squad is a happy squad and a winning squad. These are good times at the Santiago Bernabeu.

There seems to be one member who doesn't quite fit, however. While it would perhaps be too far to describe Asier Illarramendi as the "black sheep" of the Madrid household, it is fair to say he is a not a central figure and is very much on the fringes -- the long-distance cousin you don't call too often but know you can rely on when you need him. I feel sorry for Illara here, los blancos could loan him out?

CRAZY! Arsenal fans get in a punch-up over Arsene Wenger’s future outside the Britannia Stadium

Jesus! It’s all going to shit for some Arsenal fans now.

Following a run of three straight wins for the Gunners, all the positive feeling around Arsene Wenger’s side evapourated at the Britannia Stadium on Saturday in a terrible 3-2 loss at Stoke.

The Gunners fell 3-behind in the first half, and despite a decent showing in the second period Stoke held on for the points.

With many Arsenal fans tired and frustrated with the on-going plight of their club, cat-calls for Arsene Wenger to be fired kicked up a notch after the game.

Incredibly, the despair was so bad for some Arsenal fans that they reportedly got into a fist fight outside the Britannia over the issue of Wenger’s ongoing future.

Read tweets reporting the Arsenal on Arsenal crime above and below. more about the fan on fan crime

Chatter from the sidelines

FIFA 2015 World Cup chart

Groups, dates, and more

Close up of groups, the other table might be too small

Social Media

Have you been naughty or nice?

Arsenal do really great social media. You hear that, Liverpool?

I'll come back and post the rest when I can find 'em, yes

Damn it, Kun! Sending healing powers to your knee, along with the rest of the citizens!

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Lordt, bury me now

Real Madrid players shilling for Mahou beer

I hate it that I share a team with John Green, I really do. But he captures my feelings so succinctly

Team pic spam
La Liga

Sergio Ramos celebrated his 300th appearance at the club

Ronaldo and Kroos. That's it for Real Madrid pictures

Atletico Madrid won their match against Elche. 0-2

Three horse race? Credit to Atlético- they don't have half the resources of Real Madrid or Barcelona, but they are throwing it down. Go, Aletico, go!


Another day, another Bayern win. Remember kids, the Bundesliga is the most exciting in the world! Upsets can happen!

The rest of the pictures had Tunnel Gunt and Trollateng. Nope, and nope. I've also gone off Xabi Alonso, so Neuer is the best of the lot, I'm afraid

Everytime I see Ribery I think of his dodgy activities, but I'll put him here over the others I've named. The struggle is real

So Schalke 04 got a shellacking got 4 against Stuttgart. Huzzah

Serie A

Zaza and Calcio of Sassulio. Not my league, so corrections welcome!

Zaza and Beardi of Serie A team Sassuolio

Premere League

SMH. That says it all really. Sanchez at Stoke's ground

Wait. How did the referee miss this? This is why teams HATE playing against Stoke. Barbarians, the lot of 'em

Someone please call 999- there's been an attempt at kidnapping
Charlie Adam of Stoke does an unorthodox defence move. The guy should be banned from matches, really

A loss away, and fights in your name. Arsene, what is this?

Poor Gerrard, stuck with the ongoing reno hell that's been Liverpool since 2009

Walk on, Gerrard, walk on. Find a new adventure, this is why top players go for top clubs and don't involve themselves in projects. You waste valuable playing years that way

Kolo Toure has been great. I'm just glad that Altidore didn't score against us. Altidore? Can you imagine?

Chelsea got outplayed by... Newcastle! The Toon Army is marching on, mates!

NGL, I cackled


Pardew is a well, Pardew, NGL, but his substitutions have been inspired this season.

Papiss Cisse! 2 goals! According to Pardew, back in 2012/13, he complained that Cisse didn't understand English or our football. He's doing just fine to me, mate

Manchester City won their match. Toure on the pitch, Zaza enquiring about his well being. It fell flat for me as soon as Aguero had to be taken off

Tin Tin has a kid?

OP: sorry for the lack of news, but it seems Sunday is a day of rest from rumour. Monday is when it all happens. I guess they're saving it for Champions League week
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