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toot! toot! all aboard the hype train!

OP here: In England, we have a tournament called the FA Cup, similar to Spain's Copa Del Rey (but ours is older, it's the oldest association tournament event in the modern game) where non league teams enter the mix with PL teams. We're on round 3 and if you can watch a game, do. It's interesting to see the English traits of football and how each coach and team riffs on it. Especially with the better teams, they combine it with various European and South American sensibilities. The following article about Arsenal Kieran Gibbs and his brother Jaydon will make sense

JAYDON GIBBS INTERVIEW: I once got picked ahead of my twin brother Kieran... now it would be a dream to face him and my old club Arsenal in the FA Cup

Kieran and Jaydon Gibbs
Jaydon Gibbs can pinpoint the exact moment he knew his twin brother Kieran would make it big.
The pair were representing Croydon Schools when their manager, David O'Brien, confidently predicted that the youngest of the Gibbs brothers would become a Premier League star. Considering they were just '13 or 14' at the time, it turned out to be some foresight.
But Gibbs Junior wasn't always the most talented footballer in the family. 'He hates me talking about this,' says Jaydon, who is preparing to face Rochdale in the second round of the FA Cup on Sunday with Vanarama Conference side Aldershot.read more

Dave Whelan: When I was growing up we used to call the Chinese ‘chingalings’

Just stop talking, DaveDave Whelan has been accused of a “dangerous level of ignorance” after making a reference to “chingalings” during a newspaper interview that was intended as an apology to the Jewish community for previous antisemitic remarks.

The Wigan Athletic owner told the Guardian last month that “Jewish people chase money more than everybody else” and defended the use of the word “chink” to describe Chinese people, comments that resulted in a Football Association charge. Whelan apologised for any offence caused but has yet to respond to the governing body.

The FA is aware of Whelan’s latest comment, which came at the end of a lengthy interview with the Jewish Telegraph. During an attempted apology, the 78-year-old said: “When I was growing up we used to call the Chinese ‘chingalings’. We weren’t being disrespected [sic]. We used to say: ‘We’re going to eat in chingalings.’ The Chinese weren’t offended by that. That was the name everyone in Wigan called it [the first Chinese cafe in Wigan].” the FA has its work cut out with this one

Russian FA bans player who made ‘insulting gesture’ at racist fans

Guélor Kanga got a three match ban for responding to racial abuse.

The Russian Football Union has banned a player for three matches for making an “insulting gesture” towards fans who racially abused him.

The FC Rostov midfielder Guélor Kanga, from Gabon, was targeted by Spartak Moscow fans during a Russian Premier League match on Thursday, and responded by showing them his middle finger.

The RFU said that, in addition to a three-match ban, Kanga was fined £600 for his “insulting gesture to fans”. Spartak were fined £800 for “the chanting by fans of insulting expressions” – a charge which usually refers to swearing, rather than the separate offence of racist chanting.

In September, Dynamo Moscow’s Congolese defender, Christopher Samba, was given a two-match ban in similar circumstances after Russian fans racially abused him.

Spartak and Rostov drew 1-1 at Moscow’s Otkrytie Arena, a 2018 World Cup venue. The Rostov coach, Igor Gamula, missed the fixture due to his own racism ban – a five-match suspension for the discriminatory comments he made about black players at his own club in November. the World Cup will be held here

Louis van Gaal praises Southampton but refuses to discuss Ronald Koeman

LvG and Koeman's old feud has carried over into the PL. Fantastic
A decade after falling out with Ronald Koeman at Ajax, Louis van Gaal refused to discuss his relationship with the Southampton manager as he prepared to take his Manchester United side to St Mary’s on Monday evening. Van Gaal did confirm that Wayne Rooney is fit to face the Saints.

Van Gaal had a dispute with Koeman in 2004 when the latter was in charge at Ajax and he was the technical director. This led to Van Gaal leaving the Amsterdam club.

He would not be drawn on Koeman, saying: “I don’t have to describe my relationship with the trainer of the opponent. That’s more private, I think. We play against Southampton and we have to speak about Southampton and not the trainer-coach.”read more here

Mario Balotelli: Liverpool striker is charged for Instagram post

Well, hell, Balotelli. Trouble comes in threes...
There are indications he will fight the charge given the technical violation of rules – deemed an aggravated breach. A guilty plea would reduce his punishment, determined by an FA commission, which could mean he misses several games over the holiday period.
Liverpool had warned when they signed the striker that such disciplinary problems would cut short his Anfield career, but there is no intention to sell him when the transfer window opens, despite his career on Merseyside thus far being shambolic on and off the field.this is a song that never ends, it will go on and on my friend

Chatter From the Sidelines

Picture Posts

Just sit there on the sidelines Weidenfeller, until you get back to your former self

Let Langerak take your place. Look at him! Young and match sharp and ready with the Captain O, my Captain. I see you, goalie no 2!

Stop! Is this what winning feels like? I think... I dig it

The physical expression of the phrase "YYYAAASSSS" as done by Gundogan and Mkhitaryan

Klopp, keep this haircut foreverrrrr!!!

Magnet of knickers, the thirst quickens whenever Hummels is on pitch... or off

Alex Sanchez will be given a week's off training over the Christmas break to avoid getting into the red zone.

Poldi in training. Is he a good player or not? Reactions on various subs seem to be mixed

Mingolet- all I want for Christmas is...

Waiiit for it...Moreno sizes up his prey

Attack! Coutinho getting beat up by Moreno and Lovern whilst Rodgers is being Rodgers

The hottest young player in the world right now (Martin Ødegaard) trained with LFC first team this week

Martin Ødegaard with first team training with LFC. Did I say that he was the hottest youth prospect around right now?

Rumour! Diego Simeone might do a Pep Guardiola and take a year's sabbatical in NYC after this season is finished. He'll play the godfather and have other teams lining up to ask him for favours. Simeone is learning English as well that is fact. OMG! This is not a drill!

Blyth Spartans powered past Hartleypool last night, an FA upset! I'm so thrilled for them, it's not true

Philip Neville chilling with the hero, Jarrett Rivers! Awesome

OP: Thanks for reading, sorry for the lack of pictures! Hopefully tomorrow, I can make it up to you
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