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Monday news round-up (including FIFA Puskás Award shortlist)


GK Gigi Buffon: “the wall”
RB Lilian Thuram: “the animal”
CB Thiago Silva: “complete”
CB Fabio Cannavaro: “the pitbull”
LB Maxwell: “elegant, simple as that”
RW Andres Iniesta: “magic”
CM Patrick Vieira: “the leader”
CM Xavi: “perfect, very simple”
LW Pavel Nedved: “because he is a machine”
FW Lionel Messi: “genius”
FW Zlatan Ibrahimovic: “The God”


Besides the shortlist of forwards for the World XI and Ballon d'Or nominees (share your wishes/predictions here!), FIFA also announced the shortlist for the Puskás Award aka the best goal. Here are the 3 nominees:

Stephanie Roche - 20 October 2013, Peamount United v Wexford Youths, BEWNL (Ireland Republic)
James Rodriguez - 28 June 2014, Colombia v Uruguay, 2014 FIFA World Cup
Robin van Persie - 13 June 2014, Spain v Netherlands, 2014 FIFA World Cup

(Last year the winner was Zlatan The God's acrobatic goal in a friendly against England. Rewatching it now, I think this year only The Flying Dutchman can compare.)


THIERRY HENRY confirms MLS exit

BALOTELLI still sidelined for Liverpool

GERRARD offered new contract

KLOSE unhappy at Lazio due to little play time

WENGER hits out at critics: "I started to manage a team at the top level in 1983. If I am completely useless tactically, I am a genius [because] I can hide it very well. Look, in [each of] the last 15 years, we are qualified for the last 16 in the Champions League. Give me another club who has done that. I think we have shown extreme consistency and that’s all we can do. We’ve had ups and downs in the league - yes, it’s true, but you only come back again when the spirit is strong and healthy and united inside the club. And I think if you have shown such a consistency, it’s because we have that at the club. We have values and we respect them."

LOUIS VAN GAAL praises himself: "Before I came here, of course, I had heard of his reputation. But, from the first day, he was not the Wayne Rooney that people had talked about. He was, in my eyes, a great example in training and, of course, he has achieved a certain level. I think he shall always play with me - although, when he is in a bad moment, maybe I can be convinced to change him. But he is my captain now. He is the man who sets the example for the other players. So I'm very pleased. I have the impression that he lives for football and that he likes being the captain of Manchester United. Of course, being captain of England helps him to be a better captain of United. He has more experience. But I have to remind everyone that I put him first as captain. Roy Hodgson followed my advice. I can make every player better. I'm sorry. That's arrogant, but I can."

SIMEONE will leave Atlético sooner or later: ''I'm a spontaneous guy, and spontaneous people are notoriously impatient. I can't stay for 10 years at the same club.''

KLOPP is not leaving BVB because (as long as?) there is no one to replace him: "If it is only about luck and a change of coach can bring that, you only have to call me up and I will step aside. But it is not so simple. As long as nobody comes and says to me, 'we have someone who does it better', then I cannot go. I won't stand in the way, but I cannot go before there is a better solution, the responsibility is great and I can accept it."

Which 11 players would you have in YOUR Dream Team?
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