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It's the Ginger King's birthday today!

Today, November 25th, is the birthday of the Ginger King aka Xabi Alonso!

And here is a random pic/gif spam:

With his one true love, Stevie on the day their son was born.

Celebrating with Pepe Reina and the rest of the Reds boys.

The good old days.

With a flop.


That time he got cheeky with the Hobbit Prince.

Holding the World Cup with a shirtless Ramos and Iniesta! (and a Budweiser in the other hand)




With his newest BFF.

Look at him having fun with the most precious man in football. Can it get any better than this?

Oh wait, it can (please excuse the bad angles).

I feel like there are mostly pictures of Gerlonso, Germans and random people so here's a nice one:

In short, happy birthday, Xabi! Keep slaying us, O Ginger King.

It would be a disservice to all of humankind if you guys don't post pictures, so please, pic spam away my pretties!
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