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Celtic would be BIG FISH in Premier League pond - Peter Lawwell

PETER LAWWELL believes Celtic could be one of the biggest clubs in the world if they could tap into the riches of the English Premier League.


Peter Lawwell believes Celtic would flourish in the English Premier League

The Hoops will bank just £1.8million from television revenue for winning the Premiership – compared to the parachute payment of £65m to a club relegated from England’s top flight.

And Lawwell claims Celtic would dwarf Manchester United, Barcelona and Real Madrid if those riches were open to them.

Lawwell said: “I believe that. If you go back 25 years and compare us to Manchester United before the media and revenue boom there probably wasn’t much in it 25 to 30 years ago.

“Our story is unique. I think it is rich and it’s the best.

“We have a potential fanbase with Scots and Irish diaspora around the world that would support that.

“And we have fantastic, strong fundamentals here in Scotland from our fanbase.

“I don’t see any barrier if you compare Celtic to Manchester United or Arsenal, the top clubs down there.

“I don’t see any barriers if we were getting the same media values as they are getting regularly.

“The media values will outweigh those in Spain or Germany.

“If it was a level playing field, with our strong fundamentals in terms of tradition, history and story to tell I don’t see any reason why we couldn’t be. We are working on that.”

Celtic lose out on £10m by Rangers not being in the top flight but Lawwell insists there will be no league manipulation to get their Old Firm rivals, Hearts and Hibs back up.

Gordon Strachan stated a desire to see them return but Lawwell said: “I love Gordon dearly, he is a pal. But he is way off the mark there.

“We would never support that.

“It’s sporting integrity. It’s a competition.

“It’s a sporting football competition and above all else you have to apply the rules.

“To manipulate those would be wrong. There would be clubs that would benefit – but others would suffer.”

Lawwell insists the club will always stand up for their supporters’ views.

Celtic will meet Rangers in the League Cup semi-final next year and Lawwell warned there could be a conflict of interests if Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley takes control at the Ibrox outfit.

Meanwhile, chairman Ian Bankier revealed at the club’s AGM yesterday they will open talks with staff over a minimum hourly rate of £7.85, but he and Lawwell called on the UK government to take the lead on this issue.

OP Note: Thought I'd start a bit of Sunday night discussion, even though this is an article from a couple of days ago. Do you think he has a point? Could Celtic and/or Rangers benefit from entering the EPL like Swansea?
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