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Questions and Answers About That FIFA Report
Got questions about the latest goings-on regarding FIFA and the investigation into the bidding processes for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups? So does Gab Marcotti. He has answers, too.

Q: OK, so I read FIFA's statement which responds to Michael Garcia's investigation and it boils down to the fact that most bid committees engaged in some level of wrongdoing, which might warrant further investigation, but there's no evidence of anything really, really bad. That means it's clear sailing ahead for Russia 2018 and Qatar 2022. Am I right?

A: Pretty much. Or as Hans-Joachim Eckert, the chair of the Investigatory Chamber of FIFA's Ethics Committee, put it: "The effects of these occurrences on the bidding process as a whole were far from reaching any threshold that would require returning to the bidding process, let alone reopening it." So, yeah, some dicey stuff went on, but not enough to have a revote. Or even further review.

That's what Michael Garcia's report says. Or, rather, that's what Eckert says is in the report, because we're not allowed to see it. What we do get is Eckert's summary of what's in the 350-page report. If you're bored, you can read it yourself. According to Eckert, only four people have seen the full report in its entirety.

Q: For real? Who are these lucky people?

A: It's not entirely clear, but you would hope one of them is Eckert, because he wrote the summary. And you'd imagine another two are Garcia, the former U.S. Attorney who heads FIFA's Investigatory Chamber, and his deputy, Cornel Borbely, who is a Swiss prosecutor. No clue who the fourth guy is. You'd have thought it would be Eckert's deputy, Alan Sullivan, except, according to Eckert, Sullivan recused himself on account of the fact that he's Australian and Australia were one of the nations bidding for the 2022 World Cup.the rest here, you really must read it.You MUST

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How convenient

let's see how it goes

FIFA World Cup corruption report: FBI to "step up investigation" following Michael Garcia statement

Michael Garcia says FIFA's report of his report is 'inaccurate'
The FBI will reportedly press ahead with their investigation into senior leaders of FIFA after chaos broke loose following the release of an independent report earlier on Thursday.

The game's governing body announced that they were closing the case of alleged corruption into the 2018 and 2022 World Cup bidding process.

FIFA revealed that their investigation found no corruption and has no reason to reopen the bidding process, but Michael Garcia, the man hired to conduct the individual probe said that the final report "contains numerous materially incomplete and erroneous representations".

And now CNN International report that the FBI will be step up their efforts to look into possible corruption in the bidding process.more here

Other News

Mesut Ozil SUED by his father Mustafa after sacking him... with former agent demanding £495,000 from Arsenal midfielder

His dad cited Özil's girlfriend as the wedge that drove them apart

Mesut Ozil's relationship with his own father may have been destroyed by a legal battle.
Mustafa Ozil had taken the Mesut Ozil Marketing Company to court, demanding £495,000 in lost earnings on sponsorship deals. Son Mesut responded by demanding the return of an £800,000 loan.
The case was eventually settled outside of court last month, but the Dusseldorf state court only confirmed the settlement this week.

His bother Mutlu has been taking care of Mesut's affairs for the past year. read more here

David Moyes: Real Sociedad boss says La Liga is world's best league

David Moyes described La Liga as "better than the Premier League" at his unveiling as Real Sociedad manager.

Moyes, 51, who was sacked by Manchester United in April, said he took charge of the Spanish side after turning down offers from clubs in the Premier League.
"Real Sociedad tugged at my heart strings," Moyes said.

"La Liga has the finest players and great coaches and I want to test myself against the best."
He added: "It is the right time. I am well rested and I am ready to go."
Moyes has signed a contract to June 2016 and replaces Jagoba Arrasate, who was dismissed after a poor run of form which has left the club 15th in La Liga.read more here
Tugged at his heartstrings? When he wanted more money than the club could afford? My arse.

Sergio Ramos: "I'm rally happy where I am"

Sergio Ramos took to the airwaves of Radio MARCA to talk about Real Madrid. "I'm really happy where I am", he said.

A united dressing room: "Maybe the dressing room is more united than it was two years ago. I don't want to blow my own trumpet though. Those of us who have been at the club the longest try to create as nice an atmosphere as possible in order not to give the 'newbies' any additional headaches. We're always there to help and it's true that our relationship and the atmosphere here are the healthiest and most relaxed they've been for ages. Iker and Arbeloa respect each other as teammates. Nobody expects them to go for dinner together. They're just expected to be respectful with each other and fight for the same goals".

Ancelotti: "Aside from being a great person, he has brought a calm and stability that has done away with any controversy outside of the dressing room. He's been able to deal with any type of player, any type of problem, as you can see. He makes very calm statements and rarely gives you a headline. Aside from my professional relationship with him, I consider him a friend. We chat for hours and I learn a lot from him. You learn more from coaches who have played the game than from those who haven't".

"I can't comment right now. Ancelotti has to decide his own future. However, it'd be hard for him to be any happier than he is here. Aside from being at the best club in the world, the food isn't bad and life's good. We have to sell our country as best we can".
Read more: Real Madrid: Sergio Ramos: "The atmosphere at Madrid is much healthier"full interview in Spanish here, where he talks a bit about Casillas and his situation with Mourinho at the time According to people, Ronaldo and Ramos took Casillas out to dinner, where they restored his 'confidence'- ORLY?

Arsenal news and transfers: Lukas Podolski urged to leave the Emirates by Germany boss Joachim Low?

The lad can't get a look in

Germany boss Joachim Low has urged Lukas Podolski to leave the Emirates, reports the Daily Star.

The 29-year-old has struggled for regular starts since moving to north London and has only made a handful of appearances this year.

And after confirming Podolski would start the Euro 2016 qualifier against Gibraltar, Low offered some words of advice.

Low said: "He needs to play competitive games. Sometimes he lacks the physical condition to play the full 90 minutes.

"I'm aware he doesn't play a lot right now for Arsenal. He has to think about his situation."link to original article

Chatter from the side lines

Pic Spam

New York City FC home strip. Similar to City's, but I wish they'd made the adidas strips dark blue instead of white

International competitions this week. Del Bosque is reportedly disbelieving of Fabregas' injuries

Spanish NT

Spanish team warm ups.

Spanish NT portrait 2014

I look for Welsh NT and all I get are pictures of Gareth Bale *sobs*

See what I mean?

sorry but... what is THIS?

Aaron Ramsey- not the face of the Welsh team. Pity

Jack Wilshere- why?

Hendo always looks so gormless. The teeth don't help

This is the Downing lad that got the call up? Good for him!

Because I know some of you thirst for this man.

Scottish team training. Looks like an ad for Master Card

Ronaldo the face of the Portugal NT. One picture will do

By request, some German NT photos. I am so NOT a fan of the German NT, but I am fan of the poster that asked, so it evens it out

Poldi on instagram

Neur getting his stretch on

Throw back

Poldi out and about

Howedes and Loew
OP here: sorry, tried to get all the pictures of the teams, but alas, they are not all served by the internet. Trying to find a poster of Reus and Real Madrid. Closed the tab in incog and can't find it again
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