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Copa del Rey begins today!

Overview: Copa del Rey
The Copa del Rey (English: King's Cup) is an annual football cup competition for Spanish football teams. Its full name is Campeonato de España – Copa de Su Majestad el Rey (Championship of Spain – His Majesty the King's Cup). Like the Emperor's Cup in Japan the tournament is one of the most well-known football competitions bearing the name of a monarch.

The competition was founded in 1903, thus making it the oldest Spanish football competition. Typically, the winner of Copa del Rey goes to the UEFA Europa League; but if the winner also qualifies for UEFA Champions League, then the losing finalist goes into the Europa League.Barcelona has won the cup on the most occasions, with 26 wins. here

The current holders are Real Madrid, who won their 19th Copa del Rey against Barcelona at the 2014 Copa del Rey Final held at the Mestalla.

Today's match ups

19:00: Cornella vs Real Madrid
21:00: Sabadell vs Sevilla.

Ancelotti had a press conference.

“We have good memories of the Copa del Rey and we're out to repeat what we did last year,” he said.
Real Madrid begin their defence of the Copa del Rey today against Cornellà. Ancelotti looked ahead to the encounter during his pre-match press conference at Ciudad Real Madrid: “We have good memories of this competition and we're out to repeat what we did last year. It's a match against a Segunda División B team, we need to put in a disciplined match and continue our run of results."

"We go into the match with the same tension and focus as all other games. When we pull on the Real Madrid shirt it's always the same. The Real Madrid shirt brings responsibility, and the players understand that fully."

read the rest here here

social media

Pic spam of past winners

the cup in question

Real Madrid won it last year.

Remember the year when Atletico Madrid came and trolled the party (they brought their own troll in Costa. I kid- about the trolling- not Costa)

Ramos dropped it once.

Iker Casillas and the cup. I'm just glad that Keylor Navas is starting tonight!

It's hard to find English write ups of the other sides. But I will, and shall update this post accordingly.
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