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Pep Guardiola faces touchline ban after Bayern Munich manager's altercation with female official

Bayern Munich coach Pep Guardiola faces a touchline ban after an altercation with a female fourth official on Sunday.
As his side struggled to a 0-0 draw against Borussia Monchengladbach, Guardiola became increasingly agitated. His frustration boiled over when Gladbach's Granit Xhaka sustained an injury in stoppage time, delaying the game for over a minute.
Guardiola clearly feared that his side would be denied the full three minutes they had been granted to score – or concede – a winner, and immediately began to talk heatedly with fourth official Bibiana Steinhaus.

Steinhaus, a policewoman from Hamburg and well-respected matchday official in the Bundesliga and Germany's second tier, rebuffed his complaints, prompting Guardiola to storm away, clapping sarcastically.
The Catalan quickly had second thoughts, returning to Steinhaus and placing an arm around her. The 35 year old shrugged him off sternly, and continued to watch the game.
As it is an offence to make physical contact with any official, Guardiola may now face a ban. Though the officials declined to send him to the stands immediately, he could be punished retroactively by the DFB football court.

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Diego Simeone got banned offside for EIGHT games when he put his hands on the official. I side eye anyone who puts their hands on officials in a football game, NGL

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