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so about that brasil - argentina friendly tomorrow...

Some of the biggest names in the soccer universe are in China this weekend, as Barcelona teammates Neymar and Lionel Messi are set to square off in a massive friendly between Brazil and Argentina.

There’s a problem, though. The game may not go off due to major atmospheric issues that have nothing to do with David Luiz’s hair nor Marcos Rojo‘s agents.

China is under an orange air pollution alert. What does that mean?

From the BBC:

Thursday’s air quality was 18 times worse than the recognised safety level.

“One of the pieces of advice that those responsible for pollution control give is that people should stay indoors and this is what we have done,”said Rodrigo Lasmar, Brazil’s team doctor.

“Our athletes stay inside the hotel and only go out for training. Out of every 24 hours, they spend 22 inside the hotel.”

Sounds like fun! Beijing is extra smoggy because farmers are burning their plant stalks, and it may not pass before Sunday. And the game is on Saturday.


ahh not good :/ i guess we'll have to wait and see what happens, but i'd be worried about letting them play in those conditions. when the glades are on fire here and the smoke travels up my side i usually get pretty sick later on in the day, so i can't imagine what it'd be like having to run around for 90 minutes in that stuff. i suggest large industrial fans placed strategically around the stadium to blow the smog outwards and then upwards into the atmosphere. that or a very large and powerful vacuum.

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