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Iker Casillas interviewed for Canal+

Iker gets asked the tough questions in this lengthy exclusive interview with Iñaki Gabilondo for Canal+. Topics include being accused of being a mole, Mourinho, the direction of his career with Madrid, and more. Here are some highlights and quotes from the interview, which I mashed up together from different sources...

On his recent performances: "In this country, which has a thousand positive things, it also has bad things. Amongst those bad things is envy. It is true that a few months ago everything was grim and I was to blame for everything. The first problem that everyone wanted to get rid of, I seemed like the plague. I have had a bad streak. Especially after the injury that had changed my life, but always whenever you go on a bad streak you look to achieve a positive conclusion. It has been great for me to see the situation. When I walk down the street I only see love from people, from Real Madrid fans and from people who are not from Madrid but who are fans."

On the whistles from the crowd: “It hurts. I have been here since I was nine years old, I have got many things with this club and it has been a springboard to the national team for me. The public are free to do what they want but it also hurts. Being here so long also means I have to accept certain things.”

The anger from the Clasico: “It’s more of the same. A story that is talked about that is not true. I called Xavi and Puyol to throw everything out there. It was an unfortunate incident. Prior to the Barça-Madrid game the tension was high but we got out of hand. They made it 3-2 and we were in a tense situation. We were defending the coach. I spoke with Xavi and Puyol, we all talked about it. They spoke about us kicking them and protesting to the referee. I did not apologise to Xavi. There was tension in the national squad and we were reproached but in this year we lost the cup, won the league and the good times started to come.”

Problems in the locker room and being called a mole: "Mourinho tried to send me a message by benching me, and I reacted and it was successful message to work harder. In the summer of 2012, our relationship was good. We talked a lot but then there was a turn. The team wasn't doing good in Christmas of 2012. The relationship with Mourinho was poor and with disagreements, but with respect. Sara’s words about Real Madrid's locker room problems were just an excuse to attack me, I thought she repeated what everyone else said. Mourinho didn’t tell me anything about that, but it was easy to notice the changes in the relationship. After that I was injured and in two weeks, I noticed the attacks, I was called a traitor and a mole.

I feel it’s a bit unfair to call me mole but I have to understand and accept some people’s opinion. It hurts me when my Madridismo is questioned. Real Madrid has given me everything. It was hard to be called a mole and I like to think that neither Mourinho nor the president Florentino believed this. The public is demanding, I know it and accept it, but I have my little heart and it hurts when my Madridismo is questioned. They know I have a good relationship with many journalists because I've known them since I was 16. That doesn't take away from the fact that I know how to differentiate between the relationship with a journalist and a friend."

On Mourinho: “At the time it was emphasised more than it should have been. During Jose Mourinho’s time at Madrid it was good for us. I will always think that. We were equal with Barça for a while and in the first season things were good, in the last season they were not so good. I have the utmost respect for my coaches but when something goes on you should not discuss it, you should respect your boss. Mourinho likes the players that are always honest with him. Sergio, Cristiano and I were always honest and upfront with him.

Maybe I should have talked but I opted for silence. Many have criticized me for keeping silent, I think it gives you more rage than when you can speak out. We had a professional relationship and that is it. I decided to shut up. I’m not accusing anyone of anything or anyone leaving bad things at the club. I didn't want to add fuel to the fire. Strangely enough after those press conferences, we didn't speak. It wasn't a good relationship and each of us went our separate ways. I would come in every day when I was injured and as soon as I recovered, Mr Karanka said that I was unfit for competition and that's when I felt they had a problem with me. My mates looked to me and they always thought why this is happening with me and not them too. During my injury, I was a bit isolated. I asked to travel as I like to be with the team. I didn’t feel unwanted but isolated.

When we talk with the president, it is for the dressing room. We were not talking about Mourinho. For me, Mourinho was one of the best coaches that I’ve had. He was daring, he had character. Then it came out that we had pressed the club."

On being benched: "Last season I played less minutes and I enjoyed it a lot. When Ancelotti told me that I will play the "Cups", I thought it may be a very good year or a very bad year and it went well."

On Arbeloa: “We have disagreements on the visions of the squad but today things are friendly and polite. In the match against Ludogorets our relationship was fluid. Away from football our relationship is not the same as it was seven years ago but it is cordial.”

On his body: "I didn’t need to go to the gym before, I never had a sculpted body. Talent and good legs helped, but I think I should take care of my talent."

On Adan: “He has rebuilt his sporting career. He is playing really well at Betis and is an important part of the club.”

On Diego Lopez:
"My relationship with Diego Lopez was respectful."

On leaving Spain and Madrid: “Yes, I had thought about leaving. You do not want to disturb things or create a bad environment because you always want Madrid to win. But then you think “you have to compete and fight”. These last two years have seen me fight and seen me struggle.  Madrid is my home, it’s like an unintentionally whole property but I like my home. I don’t have a team from my barrio (district). You wouldn’t understand my life without Madrid. There were a lot of talks about a bid from Arsenal, but nothing was there. There were no offers for me and I want to finish my career here.  I wish I had some experience outside of Madrid, to value Real Madrid more and more. When you’re in same club for life, you don’t realize its real value but in the moment you leave it for another you value it more."

Euro 2016: "I dream about Paris 2016. I was badly affected by the World Cup. I have a thorn stuck as I did not like the role I played in Brazil. I have a point to prove".

On Sara Carbonero and his family: “(The kiss) was spontaneous. I had thought about all we had lived through in that World Cup. We lost to Switzerland and it seemed as though it was the fault of Casillas, who was clueless. For Sara, life was difficult at the beginning then we started to adapt little by little but we are still paying its costs. People think we live in a world of permanent joy, with a great big car and a big house, but we have journalists and photographers who always follow us. I understand it, we know our lives will be like this. Personal issues with my parents are all settled, Martin’s arrival made it much easier, everything is fine. I would have loved to call him after my name, but it is just more pressure for a him to be called Iker Casillas"

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I will take a bullet for this man. He doesn't have to be your favorite keeper but it's impossible to not respect him, honestly... #DefendIker2kforever #BlancoHastaLaMuerte
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