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Footie News Roundup.

No matches until tomorrow, so let's have a roundup of some of the news from the world of football, shall we?

Daniel Agger pays for Denmark team to go to Homeless World Cup in Chile.

The former Liverpool defender Daniel Agger has paid for Denmark to send a team to the Homeless World Cup in Chile.

Agger, who left Liverpool last month to return to his old club Brondby, covered a £2,100 shortfall in funding after being approached by organisers, allowing the squad to make the journey.

Frits Ahlstrom, of the charity Ombold, told Danish channel TV2: “I talked to him and said we still had to find 20,000 krone, and he said without hesitating: ‘I’ll give it to you.’ There is no substitute for class and Daniel has it on and off the field, as a player and as a person.”

The Homeless World Cup, which began in 2003, is held annually, and was last hosted in Poland, where Brazil were the winners.


Franck Ribéry sticks by decision to retire from international football.

Franck Ribéry has insisted he has no plans to reverse his decision to retire from international football despite pressure from the Uefa president, Michel Platini.

Last month, the Bayern Munich forward announced he had played his final game for France, having been forced to miss the World Cup with a back injury. That decision was heavily criticised by Platini, who also threatened the 31-year-old with a ban if he ignores a future call-up from Didier Deschamps.

But Ribéry believes the issue has already been resolved and is adamant he will not change his mind. “I have already said before I have retired from international duty and I will not go back on my decision,” he told the German newspaper Der Welt.

“I have discussed this with France coach Deschamps and we reached an agreement on it. I want to focus completely on Bayern Munich in the future. That’s all I want to say about the matter. I am not going to get involved in all the politics surrounding my decision.”

Platini threatened Ribéry with suspension if he sticks with his decision, stating that it was not down to the player to decided when to retire. “If Deschamps calls him up, then he has to come to the national team,’’ Platini said. “That’s written in the Fifa statutes. If he doesn’t report for duty, then he would be banned for three matches for Bayern Munich.

“It is not the player’s decision whether he represents his country, it’s the decision of the coach. Ribéry cannot simply decide for himself whether he wants to play for France or not.”


Rat-Face set for Barcelona debut against Real Madrid on 25 October.

Luis Suárez’s debut for Barcelona is likely to come on Saturday 25 October against Real Madrid at the Bernabéu.

The striker – who joined from Liverpool earlier in the summer – is serving a worldwide ban after biting Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini while playing for Uruguay at the World Cup. His four-month suspension expires on Friday 24 October.

Read more: HERE

Tottenham to move out of White Hart Lane for one season because of delays. Read more: HERE

Gary Neville is not happy about Walbeck's sale to Arsenal: HERE

Liverpool sold £50,000’s worth of Mario Balotelli shirts on day striker signed: HERE

Also, for Manchester United fans, the unveiling of Daley Blind and Falcao is on NOW!
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