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I still like playing in the field

In an Interview with the Süddeutschen Zeitung Manuel Neuer speaks about the World Cup and his idea of being a good goalkeeper.

“Sometimes after a Bundesliga-match I think it’s a good one, but nobody has seen it and I’m only getting a 3 (footballers are rated in Germany sports magazines).” who dares giving the king a three?

“Of course, I enjoy being a World Champion and my thoughts sometimes skip back to that time and place. And yet, we are again starting at zero, nobody gives you anything for being a World Champion, that I have learned in the match against Argentina and the one with FC Bayern in Schalke.” you don’t say?

After the match against Algeria, Köpke called him the best “Libero” since Franz Beckenbauer. To which Neuer says: “The match called for it. Algeria played that way, the green was wet, so the ball got faster and faster. It is all about winning the ball early and to get to the opponent’s goal. And because of that the goalie needs to play more aggressive and forward. as if we didn’t know! We all saw it. I can still feel my heart stopping!!!

“My main task is still in and in front of the goal but I admit that I like playing in the field.” Oh yes, yes you do!

Asked about his spectacular save against Benzema, he shrugs. “The special point about this was that it was the last moment of the match.” right! because all goalies just stand in front of Benzema and simply raise one hand! “The most important part is to keep up concentration which is not so difficult in a tournament. I usually sat next to Christoph Kramer on the Bus and we shared headphones. I like certain music, but he did the playlists because I have no idea how to do it.”

“I always try to keep out of the aggressive scenes on the pitch. They only steal your concentration. But I admit that I sometimes enjoy watching things like that playing out on the field.”

Asked about the scene with Higuain in the final, he says. “I can call myself lucky there. He runs at me and I have no idea what to do, so I simply tried standing well. It was sheer luck he missed.” He grins. “Or maybe it was the evil eye Jens Lehmann likes to talk about.” Later he collided with Higuain and some thought it should have been a penalty. “I had to decide fast what to do. It was important to reach the ball first to get the situation cleared up. Later I realise that Higuain was hurt, and I am sorry about that.”

The fill interview is in the printed/paid edition. I took those snippets from the online edition.
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