Emma (crouchea) wrote in ontd_football,

The only kind of starting XI I'm interested in.

Formations and starting XI talk bores the life out of me, unless it's done on dishiness. Here's my XI of premier league babes, bear in mind I have duff taste in men :-p

 photo IMG_20140906_203407.jpg

What's your's? If you don't follow the PL feel free to do one for La Liga or the Bundesliga, or even one overall of ~all the players in the world~

If you're as bored this international break weekend as I am, you can even do a fugly XI too

 photo 10616336_10152471339944232_8083699554755381283_n.jpg
lol enjoy!
Tags: bungsten burner, clit boner, i love you all, league: english premier league (epl), members

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