Jenny Jenkins (jenny_jenkins) wrote in ontd_football,
Jenny Jenkins

In Most Shocking News Ever, Mario & Fanny Are Off (For now? For ever? Who knows?)

In the most shocking news you've ever heard in your whole fucking life, Mario Balotelli and his "fiancee" (lol - why the fuck did they bother?) are off.

And they always looked so happy and involved in pics...

I know. You can't believe it.


And yes, there's reportedly a glamour model in the picture. An "unknown" glamour model, according to the report in Metro.

Fanny, dear. I would like to congratulate you on your escape. You can do better than a guy who spent 18 months ignoring his new-born with previous, long-suffering ex-girlfriend Raffaella Fico, and who might set your bathroom on fire with fireworks.

In other, shocking, completely out of character news, Mario had to be subbed off in a friendly against Wolves behind closed doors because he either argued with the ref or kicked a player in the head or some variation on that. And the Mail told us he'd reformed... is available and I'm thinking of acquiring it.

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