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Remember When Everyone Disliked Vincent Tan? (Maybe You Didn't IDK, Wasn't a Member)

Because he just became the hero in this story.

Someone in this picture is an asshole but chances are you got it wrong (and me, super wrong)

Crystal Palace has withdrawn the offer given Malky Mackay to manage the team after Vincent Tan released a legal dossier revealing the circumstances behind Mackay being dismissed. It wasn't just wasting money to go after players that Tan felt were unworthy.

Mackay is a gross homophobic, racist, sexist. He hit the bigotry hattrick, y'all, and he shares this honor with Iain Moody, former head of club recruitment.

This is a timeline (provided by the DailyMail) describing why Tan became the villain

Here are the messages between Mackay and Moody showing why Crystal Palace possibly declined

These messages came to light after a dawn raid on Moody’s south London home in March this year, as part of Cardiff’s £750,000 investigation into eight controversial transfers.

They engaged London law firm Mishcon de Reya, whose investigators obtained a search order from the High Court to enter Moody’s house in Balham, seizing work computers and phones and taking electronic imagery of evidence.
They were investigating alleged wrongdoing related to one of these transfers.
Around 70,000 text messages and 100,000 emails were allegedly recovered, including the text and email exchanges that form the basis of letters sent to the FA by Mishcon de Reya, on behalf of Cardiff.
Under FA rules, Cardiff are required to report any matters which may constitute ‘aggravated misconduct’.

Y'all are never going to work again


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