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Bastian Remains Flawless: Wants Scholesy's Garments, Can't Even Wait Till the End of the Match

Basti eyeing Scholesy's movements, kit, essence

'I've given it to Schweinsteiger,' Scholes replied when the reporter asked about the whereabouts of his shirt.
'He asked me for a shirt at half time so I gave it to him. He gave me a shirt too which was nice because he's an amazing footballer, he's just won the World Cup. It was nice to speak to him.
'It's nice to swap a shirt with such a great player - a man who's won the World Cup and many trophies with Bayern Munich and been a fantastic player - to speak to him for a few minutes was nice.' (SCHOLES IS SO HUMBLE AND GENEROUS AND GINGER)
Scholes scored United's second goal in a 3-3 draw at the Allianz and spoke about the tough task of completing 90 minutes at the age of 39.
'It's very difficult when you get to 40 but it was very enjoyable - six goals, hopefully the crowd enjoyed the game.'(PLEASE STOP AGING)

Aftermath of Basti's shirt greed

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