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In honor of Manchester United's excellent pre-season...

Let's have a little fun at the expense of Thumbsy (that's Louis van Gaal for you), shall we?

The Guardian hosts The Gallery where readers get a chance to poke a little at various football topics and the star of this week's slideshow is Louis van Gaal.

Here's a preview:

'Louis van Gaal makes it clear it he will not be influenced by any past manager of Manchester United,' honks Gerard Parker.

To see the rest, click here: http://www.theguardian.com/football/gallery/2014/aug/05/the-gallery-louis-van-gaal

And check out The Gallery's page. It's a feast of hilarity. Examples include: Miguel Herrera as Tyrion Lannister, Floppin' Robben as Joffrey, Andrea Pirlo as a ballerina and Hulk as well, The Incredible Hulk (and also Hulk Hogan).

Another example:

'Dr Ochoapuss,' parps John O'Donnell

CLICK HERE: The Gallery

Oh, and if you love Manchester's greatest musical import, The Smiths (or don't) and Thumbsy, here's something to enjoy:

*To be sung at all matches against Manchester City.

EDIT: The oft-excellent Grantland has a Van Gaalagy 101 where his looks are described as, "like a cross between a weirdly angry pastry chef and a weirdly angry pastry."

I still think he looks like a thumb.


Do we even have a tag for Thumbsy? He certainly needs one.
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