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Arsenal To Lose A Player...While I Stan Jenks

Carl Jenkinson, the cutest boy in the world, might be leaving Arsenal. *bursts into tears*

The signs are already there. His best friend (is there no loyalty?) is even hanging out and *gasp* exchanging #banter with his replacement:

This post is basically a tribute to Jenks, my favourite Gunner. I hope the loan deal falls through or is a false rumour. Or please God - just let it be a loan and not a sale. Please I'll be so good.


Jenks is an Arsenal fan first, player after.

This is his childhood bedroom. Kindly note the Arsenal crest wall-paper, the t-shirts, the jerseys, the Highbury duvet, the room decor and the curtains:


His Mum must be, like, the nicest person ever...

Jenks is a lifelong Gunner from a family of Gunners. Here he is hugging his dad after the FA Cup final:

Carl Jenkinson hugging his dad after the FA Cup match!

And here is his grand-dad's memorial stone at Arsenal:

Carl Jenkinson (Arsenal’s biggest fan!) with the memorial stone for his grandfather, a fellow Gooner!

Jenks even hugs Wenger like I would - like a fan would. He puts his head on his shoulder like he's going to sob on it with gratitude. No manly snatch and grab. A REAL HUG. Jenks practically embodies the Wenger fanbase feeling for Wenger - occasional irritation mixed in with passionate love. I can't think of a Gooner who doesn't want Wenger for an uncle. You could tell Wenger stuff. You could confide in Wenger. Wenger would understand...

Jenks is a fan too. HE GETS IT.

Jenks' bestie is Alexander Oxlade Chamberlain. Their bromance is famous. So is their #banter. The best part of this video is Alex imitating how Jenks tries to pick up girls and when he writes up Jenks' singles ad. Also: they're genuinely sweet to each other. Alex is so thrilled when Jenks says "Denzel" would definitely play him in a movie of his life:

We also learn Jenks wants to go to space, while Alex would rather just "stay here and win a trophy with Arsenal to be fair."

Alex even stuck with Jenks during the infamous hair incident when Jenks was no longer taking advice from his "close friend and advisor."

They used to be inseparable:


But no sooner did the rumours start and the new "Chambo" looks like Alex is already moving on...


But I won't Jenks! I will always love you. And if this is a loan move, shine bright like a diamond and come back to your Jenny!

*bursts into tears*


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