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Recap of Die Mannschaft - THE FINAL [CELEBRATION!!!!]

So, where were we? Oh yeah.


(BTW, this isn't chronological.)

An always-welcome display of sportsmanship:

Scenes from the pitch.

We got a Princess and the Pea situation here: Prince Hummels being the pea and the rest of the team being the 100 mattresses.


#2 (How was he able to breathe under that pile?)

But really, these dorks just wanted a piece of Hummels (who doesn't?).

[Aside: It just occurred to me, how would it have been if Lahm was under that pile?]

Commander/Future Basti cried and the rest of the world cried with him (in happiness).

Troll Müller/Nurse Müller comforted him.

I love how they had a quiet moment while the other dorks just lost it.

With Maester Jogi. (should that be his nickname?)

But Jester Poldi turned up and made things better!

Look at the love these two have for each other! I swear, this year beats '06 as the Year of Schweinski, hands down.

Rihanna attempting a Hope Solo.

Aww, Mama Duck and crying Baby Duck.

Tragedy, joy and hilarity (that's Count Kroos on the ground, BTW) in one pic.

"Trainer, I love you and I'm happy to have won this Cup. Thank you for everything but you gotta stop the booger-eating."

The Archduke and the King.

BFG knows who's No.1.

Look at them.

Some Duke Beni-hana:

I gotta admit, the King's crying face is EPIC.

Hömmels, together at last.

Some Peasant King for Queen funhouse. (BFG, what are you doing to Count Kroos?)

"Thank you, peasant. You've shown that you're not a complete flop after all. Lahmpoleon has decided that you will no longer be a mere peasant and that you shall now be the King of Peasants."

He is so good at comforting people. I want to hug him.

Poor guy had a long match and then 10 men fell on him. No wonder he was exhausted.

Jogi smiled. It was scary. Bonus: Peasant King.

And then...there was a pitch invasion!

It was the WAGs!

I don't find Earl Khedira remotely attractive but he and Lena are hot together. Her fashion sense sucks though.

The mistress of the Peasant King showed up because the true Queen, the good sis funhouse had to stay home to rule her kingdom.

[Aside: I swear, she is so orange, her face is the same color as her hair. I can't even be funny about it anymore.]

By far, the best couple.

He pretty much broke our hearts with this. Also, her eyebrows are looking a trifle better.

But this was a cute moment. Should be me instead of her, though.

The Archduke and his lovely family. His boys are so cute.

Fetus Draxler (aka Baby Duck) and his girl.

Off the pitch, Capitano was super happy. (I'm still a little sad about him not getting to lift the Cup, as much I love Lahmpoleon. He was a great captain.)

The King got intimate with his Queen. But we can't even hate her for it because she's so small and cute.


Ser Jerome's adorable daughters. Bonus: Mandy!

Can these two just get married and have babies already?

He really looks like a turtle here but they're so cute.

[Aside: I saw an interview of her's on Youtube. It was in German so I didn't understand a word, but she came across as a smart, mature, well-adjusted woman. Plus, her voice is fabulous.]

Oop, Shirley on Montana. (These two are way too cutesy. As a single person who's never had a boyfriend {I swear, my life is so sad}, I JUST WANT TO STAB THEM.)

Also, Shirley crying!

Maester Jogi got in on the WAG action!

And speaking of WAGs, we're missing some great women here:

Ulrike (BFG's wife) gives off warm, Toni Collette vibes for some reason:

From the Argentinian side, we had Antonella, Messi's fiancé and mother of the adorable Thiago:

And Gisela Dulko (Gago's wife), who's career accomplishments pretty much trump every other WAG's in the stadium.

And on a darker note, there was dejection, sadness and a lot of horrible waiting around.

Ceremony time!

As much I support Die Mannschaft, I felt terrible for all of them. They were excellent in this match and put up a hard fight. And why does brooding Messi look so...appealing?

They did give us some of the most memorable moments of the World Cup:

King Neuer got the Golden Glove, as expected.

Look at this true King. He embraced Queen Angie LIKE A BOSS.

It's his own Golden Crown. (Sorry about the GOT references.)

Hobbit Prince Messi got the Golden Ball.

He knew he didn't deserve it.

Well, what could he do? Throw it back at Sepp Blatter's face? (If only.)

He greeted the King. It was sad and sublime.

He had an entire nation's (plus millions of other supporters) hopes resting solely on his shoulders. I think he handled it the best way possible.

And then the entire Argentinian squad had to go up there.

And then it was Die Mannschaft's turn!

Honorary ONTD-FB member and Gauck were super proud of Lahmpoleon.

Reunited with her one true love, Commander/Future Emperor Basti! (Poldi, you've got competition.)

To the Peasant King: "Well, you didn't flop today. You were our hero. Thank you."

This guy had to get a touch of it.

And then someone (was it Gauck?) wanted his shirt, thereby giving us Shirtless Özil for the rest of the evening.

"Thank you, trainer for leading us to glory. And thank you for not eating boogers in public. You're doing a good job of hiding it."

And finally,


He waited 8 years for this. The world (newspapers) declared that he was the heart and soul of the match.

The Archduke waited 12 years for this. What a way to end a World Cup career.

The true King of the World.

He was like a child with a precious toy.

The King and Duke Beni celebrated!


The Klose twins with their big brother, Erik Durm.

And this happened.

He liked what he saw.

As did Troll Müller.

Big brother BFG had given him a piggy back ride earlier.

Why so serious, Die Mannschaft? (Shirley in the back seething.)

A tribute by the Peasant King to his favorite Chicken Reus (thanks ladya_sama for this).

Papa Poldi and Baby Poldi shared this lovely moment. Bonus: Durmmels (on the right) and the Fetus getting a sniff of his medal (on the left).

And of course, Mustafi just had to break out his slick dance moves. Note to Troll Müller and the King: THIS is how you dance.

Oh, you Troll. You so would.

And finally.... I leave you with this! (Count Kroos just chilling on the right.)


That's the last one! I was thinking of doing a parade post but I'm sure most of y'all have seen it. But if you're interested, let me know! EDIT: PARADE POST WILL BE OUT SOON. And thanks for reading my previous posts!

Pic spam your favorite celebration pics! Share the deets on your favorite WAGs and football babies!

P.S: I've nicked pics posted by all of you from previous posts, so thank you for that ;)
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