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Algeria Donating World Cup Prize Money to Gaza & Their Heroes' Welcome in Algiers

Algeria won over a lot of new fans with a spirited World Cup that saw them advance into the round of 16 for the first time in the country's history and fought valiantly to an extra-time defeat to favoured Germany.

Slimani announced in the aftermath of the tournament that the entire squad will donate all of their prize money to the people of embattled Gaza. That figure is estimated to be about $9,000,00 (roughly £5,250,000).

The players were personally greeted by Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal as they got off the plane while the surrounding fans sang joyously. They were each given flowers and then they boarded an open-top bus for a parade through Algiers. Proud fans filled the streets to show the team how much they appreciated the impressive performances in Brazil as the bus slowly made its way through the capital city.

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great performance from the team and this makes it even better
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