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Del Bosque: I think about everyone, the players only think about themselves

In an interview with Spanish television station, Cuatro, Del Bosque first spoke about their final 2014 World Cup match against Australia on Monday and their desire to end the disappointing tournament on a high note.

“We want to say goodbye in the best possible way. I was gutted following the match against Holland but after these past few days, we now understand the situation, we all worked together and it’s become bearable.

“We had a footballing issue. I don’t want to make excuses about the schedule.

Del Bosque then spoke the future, stating that he has yet to make a decision and despite the support from the Royal Football Federation, the two parties will sit down to discuss the future.

“I understand that you want to know what’ll happen but it’s all a process. We need to make informed decisions for everyone, for the good of Spanish football.

“If we have the confidence of the RFEF and if the job we’ve done over these past six years was good…then we did something right. We need to think about it, we need to see what’s best for Spanish football. Despite what you guys have said, I have yet to make a decision. It’s true that I’ve had the full support of the RFEF but that’s not to say that we won’t sit down after the World Cup and discuss the situation. A lot of people have reached out to me and tried to console me.”

“Some criticisms have hurt me coming from my own country. One coming from a Real Madrid website or one related to Madrid that saying I was a puppet in the hands of the Barca players hurts me. The rest is their own opinion. Those that have given their opinion and felt that we didn’t do well, don’t hurt me.”

The Spaniard went on to discuss the future of several of the players and the possible changes to the squad.

“This isn’t the time for a revolution, we need to analyse every player at their club and make an assessment on every player. No player has told me that they will not continue. If any decision is made, we will respect it.

“We don’t know if Xavi will continue or not. I honestly don’t know. Nobody has told me directly that these have been there final games.

“I’m excited about the future because I have enthusiasm and excitement for the things still left to be done. Football is my passion and this is my profession. I’ve had good times and bad times. In six years, we’ve made very difficult decisions, even if people don’t want to believe it. We’ve been making decisions the entire time.”

Del Bosque concluded by discussing the reported bust up with Cesc Fabregas in training and Xabi Alonso’s “lack of hunger” comments.

“What he said was that everything in life changes and we’re not the same as we were six years ago. He said that maybe we’re not the same. It was a general reflection. I think Xabi just said it a different way.

“I didn’t remove Cesc’s bib. It was a minor issue. There side was outnumbered and the team was down. I looked to Xabi Alonso for support. Nothing happened. I am grateful to them. I think about everyone and they think only of themselves.”

Del Bosque then held his pre-match press conference, where he discussed the upcoming match against Australia and confirmed his earlier statements.

“We had information on them before we came, but they’ve confirmed our expectations. They were fantastic. With energy, technical quality and good tactical organisation. They are a very good team. They should be proud of what they’ve done in this campaign and leave with their heads held high.

“Tomorrow, Xavi will not play. He has some muscle discomfort. Reina and Iniesta will definitely play.

“This has been an experience. For one that has been through so much, this has been an extraordinary experience. It’s been bittersweet because we’ve not lived up to our own expectations. Being together, despite wanting more, has been fantastic. Despite the losses, our performance, in general, has been good. Hopefully we can get a win on Monday.”

Del Bosque then discussed the reported training ground tiff with Cesc Fabregas and the Salamanca-born coach reiterated his comments from his earlier interview with Cuartro.

“The thing with Cesc is a training ground issue. Pique was out and that side had been weakened. We simply asked him to change his bib to even the numbers and that’s it. Not to take his ball and go home. All of the players have come with us for the match and yes, I said that the coach thinks about everyone and every player thinks about themselves.”

Del Bosque concluded by praising Barcelona midfielder, Xavi Hernandez and taking a shot at Real Madrid fans that don’t recognise the iconic midfielder.

“For Xavi, one game more or less will not change his reputation. He’s a player who’s run the most. When we assess the causes of defeat, everyone wants a revolution. Should we just use the younger players and ban the veterans? I think we need to look at things. Those who do not recognise Xavi Hernández keep their jersey on, even when going to bed.”


I'm sure that Australia game can't end soon enough
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