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Match-winning goals and assists for your team.

Okay, I compile these geeky stats every year. Basically as as here, I make a note of who gets the match-winning goal and assist for each game that my team won. (A match-winning goal is the winning goal in a 1-0, or the second goal in a 2-1, or the fourth goal in a 4-3. Note that even if you win like say 4-0 and one player for the second, third and fourth goals, the match winner isn't necessarily the Man of the Match, cos it's the person who got the first goal in this case.) Sorry if I've made this sound more convoluted than it is, ask if you need more clarification!

1. Wigan vs Chelsea: Ivanovic
2. Chelsea vs Reading: Torres
3. Chelsea vs Newcastle: Hazard (pen)
4. Chelsea vs Stoke: Cole
5. Chelsea vs Wolves: Cahill
6. Arsenal vs Chelsea: Mata
7. Nordsjælland vs Chelsea: Mata
8. Chelsea vs Norwich: Lampard
9. Tottenham vs Chelsea: Mata
10. Chelsea vs Man Utd: Ramires
11. Chelsea vs Shakhtar: Moses
12. Chelsea vs Nordsjælland: Torres
13. Sunderland vs Chelsea: Torres (pen)
14. Monterrey vs Chelsea: Torres
15. Leeds vs Chelsea: Ivanovic
16. Chelsea vs Villa: Torres
17. Norwich vs Chelsea: Mata
18. Everton vs Chelsea: Lampard
19. Southampton vs Chelsea: Moses
20. Stoke vs Chelsea: Walters (og)
21. Chelsea vs Arsenal: Lampard (pen)
22. Chelsea vs Wigan: Hazard
23. Sparta Prague vs Chelsea: Oscar
24. Chelsea vs Brentford: Mata
25. Middlesbrough vs Chelsea: Ramires
26. Chelsea vs West Brom: Ba
27. Chelsea vs Bucharest: Terry
28. Chelsea vs West Ham: Lampard
29. Chelsea vs Utd: Ba
30. Chelsea vs Kazan: Moses
31. Chelsea vs Sunderland: Ivanovic

Torres, Mata: 5
Lampard: 4
Moses, Ivanovic: 3
Hazard, Ramires , Ba: 2
Cole, Cahill, own goal, Oscar, Terry: 1
penalties: 3

Match-winning assists
01. Wigan vs Chelsea: Hazard
02. Chelsea vs Reading: Cole
03. Chelsea vs Newcastle: Torres
04. Chelsea vs Stoke: Mata
05. Chelsea vs Wolves: Mata
06. Arsenal vs Chelsea: Torres
07. Nordsjælland vs Chelsea: Lampard
08. Chelsea vs Norwich: Torres
09. Tottenham vs Chelsea: Hazard
10. Chelsea vs Man Utd: Hazard
11. Chelsea vs Shakhtar: Mata
12. Chelsea vs Nordsjælland: Moses
13. Sunderland vs Chelsea: Ramires
14. Monterrey vs Chelsea: Hazard
15. Leeds vs Chelsea: Lampard
16. Chelsea vs Villa: Azpilicueta
17. Norwich vs Chelsea: Oscar
18. Everton vs Chelsea: Mata
19. Southampton vs Chelsea: Cole
20. Stoke vs Chelsea: Azpilicueta
21. Chelsea vs Arsenal: Ramires
22. Chelsea vs Wigan: Azpilicueta
23. Sparta Prague vs Chelsea: Hazard
24. Chelsea vs Brentford: Ba
25. Middlesbrough vs Chelsea: Benayoun
26. Chelsea vs West Brom: David Luiz
27. Chelsea vs Bucharest: Mata
28. Chelsea vs West Ham: Hazard
29. Chelsea vs Utd: Mata
30. Chelsea vs Kazan: Mata
31. Chelsea vs Sunderland: David Luiz

Hazard, Mata: 7
Torres: 3
Lampard, Cole, Azpilicueta, Ramires, David Luiz: 2
Moses, Oscar, Ba, Benayoun: 1

So Mata top for both match-winning goals and assists, reinforcing how he's been our player of the season~~

What about for your team?
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