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The big question about the beautiful game... and your feels!

Hello everyone,

There is that one question that I have been asked so many times - maybe because I'm a girl or maybe just because - and somehow it's still hard to answer:

Why do you love football so much?

And that is mostly followed by somthing like:

What makes it so special? Why is it football and not, for example, ice hockey?

My answer always is something along the lines of: "It's football! There are so many strong emotions involved, a feeling of belonging to a community of nice people, ready to show solidarity, loyalty to a club and to the other supporters... There are players and teams that have become legends because of the way they played, because it was just magical!" - But I honestly have no way of appropriately putting into words how I feel about football, I'm just so emotional about it...
And because my boyfriend doesn't get it - and I really want him too:

If you had to describe why you love football and what makes this sport so special to someone who doesn't get the fascination, what would you say?

P.S.: I hope it's allowed to post something like this... <3

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