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Dutch hottie partying in Guadalajara

newbiew and posting
okay so awesome video of Chivas de Guadalajara coach having fun and of course eating food from each food stand Oh and he's is Canadian-Dutch!(video via: De La Patada)

So basically Chivas had yesterday the grand opening of their outdoor(in the parking lot of Chivas stadiuam) food court that has traditional Jalisco food. Not only open on match days but special events and team training. Chivas coach John Van't Schip came and show case it. Van't Schip ate some foods from each food stand. One food(or drink) Van't Schip didn't liked lol 

Q: Translation what the reporter saying to English? A: Well it would be bit long(and my Spanish sucks lol) so I'll just sum it up :)

Alejandro Ramiez(reporter from De La Patada) intervewing the employees from each food stand what they are selling and what John Van't Schip ate. Plus Interviewing Eugenia Valdez(Chivas Director Communication and Media)

now enjoy video Dutch eating tacos lol

GIFs made by me
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