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A Team's First Win in 6 Games!

If you don't watch the RPL (Russian Premier League), chances are, you don't know about Dynamo Moscow, or that they lost 5 consecutive games and were the only team with zero points on the table at the start of the season. For those of you unfamiliar with the team, I'll go ahead and sound like a broken record by reminding the world that legendary goalkeeper and one-club man Lev Yashin spent his career at Dynamo. The team was one of the best in the Soviet Top League, which was one of the strongest leagues of its time. Despite the fact that FC Dynamo are not only the oldest team in the RPL but the only team to have never been relegated, they haven't won any silverware since 1984. That's only two years longer than Fergie's been at United (i.e. a very long time). 

The past season was an absolute catastrophe for the team. The former manager basically broke apart a working lineup and got into conflicts with some of the most important players (including former Liverpool striker Andriy Voronin, who is out on loan to Bundesliga's Fortuna, and Aleksandr Samedov, who now plays for Lokomotiv Moscow).

Fast-forward to today's match. We've got Chelsea legend Dan Petrescu on board as head coach. 

So how do you solve a problem like Dynamo? After 5 straight losses in the RPL, the only team with no points on the table finally made it happen. It wasn't an easy win, either. Dynamo were playing a team coached by former Croatia NT manager Slaven Bilic, and while Loko haven't been the most stable club these past seasons either, they can certainly give any team a run for their money. 

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