the laughing cat (prettyannamoon) wrote in ontd_football,
the laughing cat

Euro 2012 Wag-Off

Inspired by this thread. Here's how we're going to play... (Because I like making things needlessly complicated. ♥ )

I want you to nominate WAGs from each participating nation. The WAG must be a current wife or girlfriend of a competing 2012 squad member. (For example, since Peter Crouch was not called up for England, Abbey Clancy cannot be nommed.)

In your comment, post a WAGs name, the name and country of the player they're paired with, and at least one picture. Only one WAG per comment, please! Picspams, quotes, and reasons why they are the best are highly encouraged.

If you want to vote up a WAG, leave a reply to the original comment with more pics or reasons, or simply a +1. These votes will be tallied to figure out which four ladies will represent a country if there's just too much hotness to be handled (looking at you, Spain and Germany).

Four WAGs will be chosen to represent each country. If a country cannot field four fierce and fabulous WAGs, they will be eliminated, and their opponents will be given a bye to the next round.


Nominations will be open until 9:00 AM CEST on Tuesday, June 5th.
Group play on the 5th/6th
Semis on the 6th/7th
Final will be held on the 7th/8th

Go! Post like the wind! (Please!)


Extending the deadline, as you guys are A. MAY. SING.

Tags: euro 2012, i think i like girls now, wag

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