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He had it coming


Queens Park Rangers captain Joey Barton was suspended for 12 matches by the FA today after he was found guilty of two counts of violent conduct, according to BBC Sport.

The issue stemmed from the dramatic final day of the Premier League season in a match between QPR and Manchester City.

Early in the second half of the match, Barton got in a tussle with Carlos Tevez. After it seemed to cool down a bit, Barton unleashed a furious elbow into the Argentine's face on the edge of the box. The assistant, who apparently saw the whole situation, flagged the referee, who showed a straight red card.

From there, the QPR captain went on a rampage as he kneeed Sergio Aguero in the back, attempted a headbutt at Vincent Kompany and seemingly squared up to fight Mario Balotelli.

Barton was charged with both his knee of Aguero (which he accepted) and his headbutt of Kompany and was found guilty of both.

Barton was also fined £75,000 pounds for his actions.

The chairman of the regulatory commission said on the matter, "There are rules of conduct that should be adhered to, and such behaviour tarnishes the image of football in this country, particularly as this match was the pinnacle of the domestic season and watched by millions around the globe."


To refresh your memory: (won't embed :/)

While I'm glad he was punished I still think Tevez should have been given some kind of penalty as well. And LOL the FA boss said Barton needs "serious help" - I suggest stepping away from the football pitch forever.

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