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Athletic Club Official "Feelings" Video

Longer than I can remember, my grandfather took me there, to the place where the blood pumps harder. There, where the unanimous chorus even from the weakest voice, lights up the spark of life. Where a victory brings out the necessary light to face up with joy that unavoidable routine for the next day. Do you know, that beyond this grass and sea, the colours are also lived? Our friendship distributes greatness, tradition and wisdom.

Because the family builds that passion from the beginning till the end of our days. Where some touches of eternal sense watered with joy confirms that rain exists to make the seeds grow. It is where the sun aligns with the moon and keeps dreams alive night after night, day after day. We are the ones who put sense into the two color rainbow that our grandmothers told us. Let's never surrender, and we will paint again smiles from this to that river bank.

Because that place is where your heartbeat trespasses the line.

So let´s not talk about football now, let´s talk about Athletic.

This is Bilbao, this is Biscay, this is Athletic.
Win or lose, I cannot be prouder of my guys and my club

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