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Lifestyles of the Rich and Footies

Highest Earners According to France Football

he is not on it still the most fashunable though

15) Guus Hiddink
Club: Anzhi Makhachkala, manager
Age: 65
Estimated earnings: £7.13m

14) Arsène Wenger
Club: Arsenal, manager
Age: 62
Estimated earnings: £7.47m

13) Pep Guardiola
Club: Barcelona, manager
Age: 41
Estimated earnings: £7.88m

12) Carlo Ancelotti
Club: Paris Saint-Germain, manager
Age: 52
Estimated earnings: £11.2m

11) Jose Mourniho
Club: Real Madrid, manager
Age: 49
Estimated earnings: £12.3m

10) Philipp Lahm
Club: Bayern Munich
Position: defender
Age: 28
Estimated earnings: £11.9m
(bet you didn't see that one coming)

09) Kaka
Club: Real Madrid
Position: midfielder
Age: 29
Estimated earnings: £12.9m

08) Fernando Torres
Club: Chelsea
Position: striker
Age: 28
Estimated earnings: £13.9m

07) Yaya Touré
Club: Manchester City
Position: midfielder
Age: 28
Estimated earnings: £14.7m

06) Sergio Agüero
Club: Manchester City
Position: striker
Age: 23
Estimated earnings: £15.7m

05) Wayne Rooney
Club: Manchester United
Position: forward
Age: 26
Estimated earnings: £17.2m

04) Samuel Eto'o
Club: Anzhi Makhachkala
Position: striker
Age: 31
Estimated earnings: £19.4m

03) Cristiano Ronaldo
Club: Real Madrid
Position: forward
Age: 27
Estimated earnings: £24.3m

02) David Beckham
Club: Los Angeles Galaxy
Position: midfielder
Age: 36
Estimated earnings: £26.2m

NUMBER ONE: Lionel Messi

Club: Barcelona
Postion: forward
Age: 24
Estimated earnings: £27.5 million

source has pictures that I am too tired to post up
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