Noam Jen (noamjen) wrote in ontd_football,
Noam Jen

a test in seriousness and solidarity

Hello all. your help is greatly needed. 

I'm at my last year of film and tv school, and this semester we need to submit an idea of a tv format, meaning anything and everything other than a drama or a comedy show.  Since the guys in my class are, well, film students, I took on my self the subject of sports. 

I wanna do a panel sports show where all presenters are woman. This community is a proof to me that women like football just as much as men, but not in the same way. 

So please, I'd like to hear, what would you like to see as a women on an all-girl panel show. 

Don't be ashamed to answer things that might be considered stereotypical, that's the whole point of this show. Football is entertainment, if you wanna see half naked men and what your favourite wag has been up to, there's nothing wrong with that.

Thank you very much in advance! 

(and I know this is ontd, so if you're joking, please just let me know, as I might use things said here when I present the idea to my teacher and, hopefully, the CEO of a very big production company) 

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