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  ‘I just could not say no to Arsenal’

Thierry Henry admits that his enduring love for Arsenal made it impossible for him to say no to the Club when a return move was proposed.

The French striker - who scored 226 goals in 370 appearances during his first spell with the Gunners - sealed a short-term loan deal on Friday.

It comes just a few weeks after a statue of Henry was unveiled outside Emirates Stadium as part of the Club’s 125th anniversary celebrations, and the man himself admits is strange to be an Arsenal player once again.

"It's kind of unreal because you are talking about a statue and here I am now a few weeks later playing for Arsenal,” Henry told Arsenal Player.

“It wasn't planned. You can ask the boss, he said it himself - he was thinking about it but he didn't talk to me and then it happened pretty fast.

“Arsenal and me has always been a love story, with some bad days. Hopefully people agree with me that there were more good days than bad, but I just love the Club.”

Henry admits that he cannot wait to pull on the red-and-white shirt once again and is excited about the opportunity to continue his “love story” with the Club.

"For me being able to come here and train, being in the dressing room and seeing all the training staff, I have no words to describe it. To wear the jersey one more time, I can only be honoured,” he said.

“People might think I am just saying that, but when I left this Club I cried and I cried for the statue. I haven't cried a lot in my career, but when I do it seems that something is happening with Arsenal.

“In my time here I always tried to be honest, and I think the fans can see that. When I am happy, I am happy and when I am not they can see it too.

“They say love is blind, but it is difficult for me to say no to Arsenal.”

I'm not an Arsenal supporter but I'm happy for all the Arsenal supporters. 

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