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"Why do they all hate me???" :'(

Fernando Torres attacks Liverpool's 'lies' over transfer to Chelsea

Fernando enjoying a burger in happier times.

Fernando Torres has repeated his attack on Liverpool's conduct ahead of his transfer to Chelsea 11 months ago, claiming his old club's fans do not know the truth about the move.

Torres, talking to Spanish TV station Canal+ Liga, claimed Liverpool's owners had lied to him and broken promises before he completed the £50m move, and said he does not deserve to be a hate figure at Anfield.

Torres said: "The Liverpool fans don't know the truth about why I signed for Chelsea. The fans don't even know half of what happened. They don't know what the people in charge at Liverpool are like – they have a completely different perception of what they are like.

"They made promises that they didn't keep and I left because I realised I didn't have time to be part of a project that would take years. I have nothing against the Liverpool fans. I didn't want to leave Liverpool the way I did but the club lied. I was let down and I don't understand why the fans hate me."

Also in the interview Torres said he was confident he could rediscover his form at Chelsea, and prove he still has the quality which helped him score 56 goals in his first three Premier League seasons.

"I am going to try to be very humble and get back into the Chelsea starting line-up," he added. "My form has not been good but I am world and European champion and I deserve more respect. It's hard being on the bench but I respect the players who are playing. I'm going to support the team and get back in.

"It's true that [the Spain head coach] Vicente del Bosque is worried about me and my form for Chelsea. It's up to me to go back to being the striker I was before. If I go back to how I was a few years ago, I will again play an important role in the Spanish national team."

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