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Goals are more important than gold. Indonesia vs Malaysia SEA games 2011

I'm no football expert. For me, to be able to tell that we play with 442 formation and not 4231 is already a big deal (do we really? not sure), let alone reviewing a football match and writing it up. So I won't bother you to read my 'tactical' point of view instead I present to you the other aspect of the game, football and politic.

lol just kidding I won’t bore myself or you guys jajaja (admiring @nurisahin05 latest tweet)

I won’t even bother to write a long post, just want to share an interesting fact about what happened when Malaysia football team went to Indonesia to defend our gold medal we won 2 years ago in the latest SEA (south east asia) games.


That is Barracuda, not that I know what that really is but Malaysian players have to be escorted by police in this 'car' before and after the game. Supposedly, a weapon/bullet proof vehicle which cooked you inside claimed by unknown Malaysian player (meh too soft :p)

I don't think something will gone bad if they didn’t use the barracuda, it just for a security reason because there is a risk that neither Malaysian nor Indonesian government want to take. Nevertheless it didn't look good to outsiders.

Other Malaysian players involved in a variety of sports have none of this problem though, nobody is violent or hostile to each other but since it is football and the stadium was full house with 100 thousand plus fans (with only 100 of Malaysian fans) and there is something about football that make you so emotionally driven, well you better be safe than sorry.

Anyway, the game itself was ...... Oh well I don’t expect to win, playing in Indonesian soil with a full house of opponent fans, with injuries to our striker and midfielder and having not so in form striker among others, we have no chance. Even when we won last year against Indonesia in AFF Suzuki cup, we did it on aggregate, had 3 goals in home game thanks to Safee Sali (senior squad) to lost 1-2 in away game. I only pray the boys show their heart out and not to be beaten by too many goals as we still need the player for a Olympic qualification game in 2 days which will be detrimental to the team spirit .. and I swear whatever the result will be, I will be proud of their effort. Oh well it just a game after all.

Despite having a pessimistic fan like me, despite 2 of our key player and 1 of not so key player were injured and despite within less than 10 minutes of playing, the score was 1-0 to Indonesia, the boys play well and equalize and continue playing well, actually both team playing well, overall a good game for a neutral. (no kidding)

The score remain 1-1 till the whistle, 90+3 minutes with both side having plenty of goal scoring chances and great saves. Then the heart sinking moment when in 3 minutes of extra time, a goal to Indonesia and the whole stadium roar, the celebration for the red players are going on when the drama start, it was an offside goal. A correct decision from the replay and the drama yet again when the yellow/black team score on the opposite end of the field only to also rule out as an offside goal, but a dubious one (not being bias here).

Both teams playing super ambitious create end to end stuff, playing good football with plenty of fouls from both side but a good sportsmanship throughout. The pressure was too much on Malaysia side in the 2nd part of extra time, fatigue consumed and can be seen more on the Malaysian side with our number 9 cramp and had to stop playing, Malaysian barely out of own half. In the final minute of 120+, a player was down in the penalty box, the ref who was having a good game if not great himself, decide it was a dive and a yellow was given. End of extra time, and the penalties.

In which I collapsed and no idea what happened. Seriously.

Indonesia was first to miss the penalty, hitting a post. Then the GK save a penalty from a tame attempt from Malaysia. The moment switch to the Garuda, but Malaysian keeper truly MOTM throughout the tournament, Khairul Fahmi save a goal. Silence in the stadium but a scream in my house. Pressure on Malaysian captain to score the last shot to give us the gold but the Indonesian GK able to get his hand on to the ball but luck is on the Yellow/Black side when the ball slowly but surely rolled and went inside the goal to give us the title of South East Asian Champion for our under 23 squad.

One team need to win, but hold your head high Indonesian as overall the football wins! A Beautiful game. 

As for the SEA games tournament, Indonesia won by 200 plus gold medals while Malaysia at 4th place with less than 60 gold medals. Congratulations! And for the title post, goals are more important than gold, stealing the headline from this blog -->

For me I always want to have both, why pick one anyway.. having both are so much better.

Congratulations to Indonesia for winning the GOLDS! And Malaysia for winning the GOALS!

Shit I was really planning to make it short. WTH
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