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Getafe Releases Viral Porn Video to Encourage More Fans to Buy Season Tickets

Getafe CF, in a campaign to increase the number of season ticket holders, have launched a viral video in which it encourages fans of Getafe to become sperm donors so they can breed new Getafe season ticket holders.

The bizarre video, which is obviously done tongue-in-cheek, features a sperm donor collecting a plastic container at a clinic, and then watching a film called Zombies Calientes de Getafe (translated in English as “Getafe’s Hot Zombies.”)

The club, which resides in Getafe — on the outskirts of Madrid, has approximately 9,000 season ticket holders but has to compete against rival clubs Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid who have 85,000 and 42,000 season ticket holders respectively. One way to stand out from the crowd is to hope that a viral video like this will spread and attract supporters.

Whether they stay up is another matter entirely.

link to actual porn



my bad, i didn't know there was a post about this already. i forgot to check the getafe tag... but i have the link to the porn so that makes this post ~different. k. enjoy.
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